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IDK, if the new stadium actually ends up with the club seating as proposed, I might consider it...

[img width=450 height=297]http://www.bourdeauxfamily.com/images/club_area_2.jpg[/img]

[img width=450 height=312]http://www.bourdeauxfamily.com/images/club_sections_1.jpg[/img]
Are club seats non-shared revenue like luxury boxes? What is the difference between club seats and regular seats? Could the Vikings just take the first 15 rows and call them club seats?
I actually got my first taste of the luxury boxes at the dome during the last pre-season game(just the 4th quarter). Pretty nice, free beer and snacks(can't remember what kind of beer, something Irish and in a glass bottle). Tiny tv in the corner with about a 3 second delay. Definetly not worth the $500 or so a person though(I think it was about $6,000 and I'm guess is meant for 12).
Yes, club seats are non-shared revenue.
I think that there are a few problems with making the first 15 rows into club seats.
(or more appropriately rows 5-20).

First, the metrodome only has about 64.1k regular seats, and I think that is pretty close to the league minimum.
Soldier field has a smaller capacity, with about 61k regular seats, so there is a little bit of room, but nothing near the 5 - 10k that the Vikings would like to see...

Second, there is the issue with the season ticket owners who are already in those seats.
They couldn't just offer the new club seats to the current holders.
Not only would there not be enough seats (club seats are bigger and roomier), but that would also defeat the purpose of adding more expensive seats.

Third, there simply isn't the room to give the seats a true "club" feel, so they likely wouldn't sell very well.
The whole point of club seats isn't to just rename regular seats.
They tend to have better access, better views, better concessions, etc.