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Thread: Arrington

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    Im suprised that lavar arrington hasn't come up with possible transactions the vikings could make(or we would want them to make)...he is 100% healed and has a feud with the coaches. If we could somehow aquire him we could improve our underacheiving LB corps.......tell me if you disagree...i live in maryland and watch the redskins alot and he is one of the more dominant players in the league....its worth a topic i guess

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    Re: Arrington

    I read somwhere that said he has little or no cartilage in his knee.

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    Re: Arrington

    I thought he was fine but the DC and Gibbs just hate him. I know he's played only a handful of plays in 3 games.

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    Re: Arrington

    "404" wrote:
    I read somwhere that said he has little or no cartilage in his knee.
    I heard or read the same thing 404 stated... wish I knew where. Also, for more unsupported info... I also read somewhere that it would be virtually impossible to unload Arrington prior to the end of the season because of cap reasons. :grin:

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    Re: Arrington

    Screw Lavar, we need to grab Gregg Williams!

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    Re: Arrington

    i think lavar could help, but it just looks like to big of a trade as of now, we'll probably try to sign some not such big namers at LB.

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    Re: Arrington

    Hes fine hes not playing because he is not a system LB. He is to stuburn to give in to a system when he can just get by on his athletic abilities and still be great. I think Washington would unload him for 2nd or 3rd round pick although Im not sure on the cap situation. (Mario Manningham)

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    Re: Arrington

    Here's your answer: They can't afford to.

    Arrington's Hefty Contract Limits Redskins' Options

    By Jason La Canfora
    Washington Post Staff Writer
    Wednesday, October 5, 2005; Page E13

    The biggest question regarding linebacker LaVar Arrington's future in Washington may not be whether he will be here beyond this season, but when he will depart. Several NFL general managers and player agents expect Arrington, once the face of the organization and now relegated to the lower depths of the roster, to be playing elsewhere in 2006 given his hefty contract, recent history with the club, injuries and lack of significance on this defense.

    Arrington, 27, has a $12.05 million salary cap figure in 2006 -- almost twice that of any other Redskins player -- and is scheduled to receive a $6.5 million roster bonus July 15; four general managers and three prominent agents who have assessed the situation agreed that those factors likely will lead to an offseason departure. Arrington himself referred to an apparent shift of the team away from him Monday, and alluded to possibly having to pass physicals for other teams to prove that his surgically repaired knee is healed. Both Arrington and Coach Joe Gibbs have said he is fit enough to play.

    Arrington is virtually ensured of being here for the duration of this season. Dealing him before the Oct. 18 trade deadline would require $12 million of salary cap space for Washington; the Redskins are about $1.6 million under the cap, league sources said. Washington could attempt to deal him in the offseason, when it could absorb that kind of cap hit, but considering he may have gone nearly two seasons without playing full time by then, and the fact that other teams may feel the Redskins are resigned to having to cut him eventually, getting value for the three-time Pro Bowler could prove difficult. Two general managers suggested a second- or third-round pick as possible value for Arrington, if healthy.

    Picking up Arrington's roster bonus in July would require Washington to pay him $7 million total for 2006 (bonus plus base salary), and would also ensure he counts $12 million against its 2006 cap. Cutting Arrington in March would require a $12.14 million hit, but he would be off Washington's books after 2006; the team has incurred steep penalties in the past to make such moves. (Arrington's contract carries a $6.5 million cap figure in 2007 and $9.133 million in 2008, for example, but that would disappear if he were released or traded in March.)

    If there is no extension to the current collective bargaining agreement this season, there will be no June 1 cut date in 2006, negating the opportunity to spread cap hits over two seasons. However, the Redskins may opt to wait beyond March, save about $200,000 and carry Arrington's $12 million figure against their salary cap during that critical month when free agency begins, in hopes of an extension later in the spring that would restore the June 1 date and allow them to spread Arrington's cap figure over two seasons.

    Arrington has essentially been relegated to the fifth linebacker on the roster, behind the three starters, as well as reserve Chris Clemons. Khary Campbell is the sixth linebacker, but even he gets on the field more than Arrington, given his key role on special teams. Arrington took part in two plays in Sunday's win over Seattle and sat out the entire second half despite the Seahawks' comeback, which included a 91-yard drive that tied the game at 17 in the waning minutes. The coaches have given no indication that Arrington's role will increase anytime soon, and it may require injuries to other linebackers for him to play regularly.

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    Re: Arrington

    I think bringing in an ego like Arrington would hurt more than help. The players are there on defense, its just got to gel.

    Hopefully, the players will see some good coaching with the new guys and will start believing in a system again because up until now I really think most of the defensive players have in one way or another given up. Sure, some may be busting their ass but if they don't buy into system it won't be the same. Remember, this D looked very good against TB and could develope into a dominant defense I think (even though I think that won't happen until next year because players need time together).

    Honestly, the rough road this season is so far might bring them together like nothing else could and by next year they will have a huge chip on their shoulder. That plus talent might be fun to watch.

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    Re: Arrington

    Its not that I wouldnt mind having arrington, cuz when healthy hes a force to be wreckoned with...its just His contract is prolley huge and we already have a big salarey and i wouldnt wanna end up "in dept" so to say...

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