"soonerbornNbred" wrote:
MediaLoca got it right when he said
"I believe they told AP to slow it down, be more patient and find the holes, if you see him run though you'll notice he's looking a bit lost. He's used to hitting the first hole he sees whether there is block or not."
"I think they're doing to AP what they did to Tarvaris and what they Tried to do to Allen. Which is conforming their abilities to our System, instead of the other way around."

At OU they had to move AD 3 yards deeper to dot the "I" because he was getting to the line to fast, instead of making him change his freshman year they just adjusted, and he went on to set a freshman record and was 2nd to Leinart in the heisman as a frosh

Instead of making one of the best backs ever conform and change his way of playing utilize the talent that is available

Everything summed up right there in that post