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    Quote Originally Posted by mountainviking View Post
    This was just not Ponder's week. I mean, shit, kid didn't practice til limited on Friday and then gets to start as a rookie with no training camp, no AP and barely any Offensive Line! I was ready to replace him with Webb in the first quarter after his 3rd TO, but then he came back, made some nice throws and scored a couple of TDs...progress. Good to see some positive before giving Webb some time too.

    Both of those fumbles are on the LT...he got raped from behind seconds after the ball entered his hands. Throwing into triple coverage I can't defend, but you know the rooks going to make mistakes, specially when he knows another hit is coming any second! D'oh!!

    And quit ripping on his arm strength. Did you not see the two deep balls he overthrew Aromashodu on!?!??? We still need one, reliable, true deep threat at WR...a big fast guy who can get downfield and catch those big throws. This and some better blocking and the whole offense suddenly looks better, even Peterson!! (who already looks pretty durn good)

    I love Webb, great athlete, plays with a lot of heart!! But, not sure he's starting NFL QB material. But I sure would like to see him get some more looks! I keep thinking we should give him the ball as a WR on an end-around and let him make the call...if they suck up toward the run, he throws deep to whoever gets open, if there's room to run, he's got the speed to get a first down and more!

    And, I like that we added Sage. He's a decent vet if called upon and gives us one (affordable) guy at the position who's got some experience to try and help our young talent. Basically, for the first time in a long time, QB is the least of our worries. Like it or not, we need to give Ponder 3 or 4 years and some help to see what he can become.

    I agree. Good post. Although, I don't think Ponder will last three or four more games behind the likes of Johnson and Loadholt the human turnstiles.
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    Playing Ponder is a must.........see how he responds after being benched...and make your choice stick with him or draft a qb........

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    We need help on the line before we can have a successful QB.

    Fixing LT hopefully allows Johnson to move to Guard; that should help two positions with one pick. It makes sense to do this. I think our line needs more help than this, but we also need a complete rebuilding of our secondary. Upgrades are obviously going to be available in FA as well.... Everything would be an upgrade!

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    Webb needs to be moved from QB to WR fully, He needs to be on the field most of the time and used for trick plays every once and a while.

    Maybe the reason he hasnt been moved over full time is because he actually cant be a good WR. It takes a lot more than being fast and having hands. If you cant run a route you cant play WR. Which make sense to how theyre using him now, which is a shame.

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    More than likely he is either not picking up the duties of the their positions, the coaches are not capable of developing him and finding a way to incorporate him, or as I suspect there is a combination of the two.

    If he were excelling or even proving competent as a WR he would be in there.

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    I think, at this point, that Webb has gotten almost only QB reps due to us needing him at no.2 now that McNabb's gone.

    Hopefully, he'll only get better with some more time and experience too...who knows? He's got some serious athletic ability, maybe, someday, "the game will slow down," for him and he'll be a really good QB!? Right now, as a passer, I gotta lean toward Ponder's potential tho.
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