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    Anyone a little worried?

    Joe Gibbs? badly coached? K, I would take that money to the bank this year.......

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    Anyone a little worried?

    I'm not saying Gibbs is not worthy of his Hall of Fame status, but he just hasn't figured out the current ways of the NFL. He will be fine next year if he stays. This year, though, he has not coached well.
    Live by the Slacker Rule. No Hurries, No Worries.

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    Anyone a little worried?

    i would be lying if i said i was worried.....
    but carolina plays a descnet new orleans team whos fighting for a playoff spot
    and st louis play the jets who are good....

    The vikings always havt to let it come down to the last week dont they :evil:

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    Anyone a little worried?

    I also have a bad feeling about the Washington game

    Guns don t kill people. Chuck Norris kills people.

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    Anyone a little worried?

    After a loss last week everybody is really really worried about this next game in washington. We were so close to winning the packer game, infact we were PROBABLY one weak holding call away from running the clock out a kicking a field goal. It could have easily went either way, and as we all know it went against us. If we would have won that game we would have everybody and there brother talking superbowl. We can win this game and we SHOULD. At some point we got to win a big game, i think this week we will come out victorious.

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