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    Anybody Here Have a Vikings Collection?

    I was just wondering since I just started an Adrian Peterson collection. I have always picked up Vikings stuff here and there but this is the first time I've focused and tried to put a lot of effort into one. Does anybody on here have any Vikings or Vikings player collections? I would love to see them! I added this centerpiece last night .

    Sorry Rick! Keep up the good work.

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    Re: Anybody Here Have a Vikings Collection?

    We had a chat like this quiet a while go so I would be interested to see the updates on some of the other collections of the members of the site.

    I have enough stuff to fill an entire family room on game day. Right now, most of my stuff is away because it is the off season, but I have so many things.
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    Re: Anybody Here Have a Vikings Collection?

    At the tip of the iceberg I have many autographed jerseys, over 30 autographed full size helmets & over 200 autographed mini helmets. Then there's many a boxes full of Viking memorabillia, including autographed wine bottles (full) from former Vikings players vineyards, Vikings Budweiser & alabaster Vikings footballs.

    I have way too much shit to even think about taking pictures of it all. I have so much shit, I gave away over 30 items here a few years back. There are also a few other members here who were gifted items of mine in either apprection of what they do for us here on PP.O or I knew my particular item meant a lot to them.

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    Re: Anybody Here Have a Vikings Collection?

    My collection of stuff doesn't include too many autographed items (I have an autographed Chuck Foreman jersey, a football from training camp in '06 with a bunch of autographs on it and a pennant with a couple (JimmyK and Sharper). Bunch of jerseys, blankets, throw pillows, etc. At some point, I want to get the basement painted and then put up a lot of the trinkets I've been accumulating - AD head on a stick, Joey Browner for City Council sign, team pictures, etc.

    I did make a cool framed artifact with a bunch of stuff from AD's 296 game, including my ticket stub, game-day program, headline from the paper, etc.) that I have up on the wall.


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