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I still think that Todd Boumann and Gus Frerotte are better than Tarvaris, and they were better than Culpepper. The reason is the following:

- Ability to read a defense
- Ability to not get flustered by the blitz
- Good NFL QB mechanics
Sorry, but I'm good with T. Jax way more then these other two.
I just find it amazing that people throw T. Jax under the bus after 1 full season of starting.
It truly baffles me.
He's a young kid, coming a very small school, GIVE THE KID SOME TIME, SOME EXPERIENCE, SOME HOPE!!!!
These same guys will be on the bandwagon when he takes us to the playoffs this year. They all come back but it is sad.
Or all the kool aid drinkers will jump off the bandwagon if we miss the playoffs.
What's your point?
Not sure what you are getting at here. I for one support my team no matter what. Win or lose!