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    Another interesting article on Reggie

    Reggie White Dead
    Posted by Rhoderick
    Reggie White, the former NFL player and evangelical known as the "Minister of Defense," has died. Before I lapsed into a rehash of the man's religio-political legacy, I was going to offer my condolences, but then I read this:

    The family issued a statement saying, "We are deeply saddened by Reggie's unexpected demise and request the prayers of the righteous...
    Being wholly unrighteous, it would seem that my "prayers" (or whatever you choose to call them) are unsolicited. Still, I feel for his family. It's tough to lose a loved one, even if he is an exclusive evangelical.

    If you want to read about White's achievements in football, read this, but I'd like to first recall his interview with the 700 Club. It's chock full of righteous goodies and, if you're unfamiliar with Reggie White, it'll allow to get acquainted with him. I suggest you read the whole interview, but, as usual, I'll extract some nuggets. Take this for example:

    WHITE: ...Last year I was getting ready to retire and the Lord spoke to me and told me to come back. And you know, I got ridiculed somewhat for even saying God spoke to me and told me to come back. But the Lord proved Himself to me this year because I came back with a back injury.
    G. ROBERTSON: You got healed, right?

    WHITE: Yes, the Lord healed me later on during the season. And it was frustrating because when I went into training camp, I went to practice with my back hurt. And I was getting ready to walk off the field and say this is it. And I said, 'Lord, You said that You wanted me to come back, so You have got to do something.' And right after that, my back started easing up and I was able to give out a whole season.

    Yes, you heard him correctly. God told him to play another season of football. God Almighty. Creator of the universe. Verily, God is into micromanagement, and he's also a DirecTV Sports Package subscriber.

    WHITE: ...One thing that God revealed to me is that we as Christians are going to have to get a portion of the media so that we can present the good news on a major basis the way that they're presenting the bad news on a major basis.
    MEEUWSEN: You know, that--can I just say something, insert this in here? There's a lot of half-truth out there that's given in the media. And you really experienced that when you spoke to the Legislature. In what way?

    WHITE: Well, I'm continuing to experience it. You know, they said that I was there to honor Ray Nitsche and Don Hudson, who had died last year. Some of the leaders of the Assembly invited me three years ago. They said I was only supposed to be speaking for five minutes. And I asked the speaker of the House, 'How long do I have?' and he said, 'You got as long as you want.' You never tell a preacher that. So I took advantage of it, and of course, they said that I had no business being before state legislatures saying anything because I'm a football player. I think some of society, in particular in the media, only wants to regulate me to being just a football player, and I'm more than that.

    G. ROBERTSON: You're also a citizen, so you get the right to speak.

    WHITE: Exactly. Plus I pay taxes. I think telling them about this thing with separation of church and state, we as Christians pay taxes, too, and we deserve the right to bring our values so that our kids can be affected by it. And I had just as much right to be standing before state lawmakers as anybody else did.

    MEEUWSEN: Amen.

    G. ROBERTSON: That's right. Amen. Were you surprised by how strong the attacks were? I mean, I got it in the Philippines. I heard all about this even in the Philippines; it made the papers. Were you surprised how virulent the attack

    WHITE: I wasn't surprised with the attacks concerning what I said about homosexuality--not what I said, but what the Word of God says about homosexuality. I expected that.


    WHITE: ...This past week, I was at a conference, and last year the Lord told me at this conference to pray for people who were dealing with homosexuality. This was a Christian conference. There were tons of people that came up and we ministered to them. And I just had a lady come up to me and say, 'Thank you for praying for me.' She said, 'I want you to know I haven't had a desire anymore. God has delivered me from that desire.'

    MEEUWSEN: Praise the Lord.

    G. ROBERTSON: Praise God.

    Does this sound like a circle jerk to you?

    A: "I said it because I meant it."
    B: "And that's why you said it."
    A: "That's right."
    B: "Amen."
    A: "And I'll say it again."
    B: "Because you mean it?"
    A: "That's right."
    A & B: "Amen."

    The remarks White made about homosexuals and sexuality are documented in depth here. The beginning of the controversy was in 1998 when White said the following to the Wisconsin State Assembly:

    But the Bible strictly speaks against [homosexuality], and because the Bible speaks against it, we allow rampant sin including homosexuality and lying, and to me lying is just as bad as homosexuality, we've allowed this sin to run rampant in our nation, and because it has run rampant in our nation, our nation is in the condition it is today.
    His words were just a small part of White's crusade for "morality." Nevermind that "morality" is a subjective term and, in my world at least, equality and forgiveness are more "moral" than exclusion and condemnation.

    Anyway, the point of this post wasn't to destroy White's legacy so I'll let this one rest. I don't think it's prudent to pretend that the harm he has caused should not be remembered, and because Turnspit's primary topics are religion and politics, it's only natural that I've chosen to focus the majority of the post on his contributions--for good or ill--to those areas. Regardless, we should all be grateful to him for his work in helping inner-city youths, and, for what its worth, his contributions to football are insurmountable. I wish his family the best.

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    Another interesting article on Reggie


    I'm not going to comment much here. It's pointless, and this post already is going to launch a liberal/conservative argument, and a family values/politcal correctness debate. I'm pretty tired of those.

    When it comes to gay rights, while I certainly am not anti-gay or homophobic, I do find it disturbing that any person who speaks against homosexuality is immediately branded as "hateful" by the liberal community, followed by petitions for the person to lose all credibility and their job. (see: Dr. Laura Schlessinger)

    Last I checked, America has freedom of religion and freedom of speech. WHile many of us may or may not share Reggie WHite's beliefs, I hope that this continued "smear campaign" against him doesn't take, because who knows what will be the next thing people will lose their job over saying. It's social censorship.

    I just find it hard to believe that the left is chastising Reggie White for being "righteous", "moral", and "faithful". I guess when I was a kid, these used to be positive traits.

    As for his comments to the legislature, I'm sure, while he probably wouldn't take it back, he'd like to reword them. I don't particularly agree with the simplistic "summing-up" of racial groups he did, but his intent was to point out the positive contributions of all ethnic backgrounds, that we should work together to make our world a better place, and value each other, regardless of skin color. Maybe its a good thing Martin Luther King, Jr. isn't speaking in today's world...his legacy would be pounded away by the left-wing, too.

    People want to lambast Reggie White, make sure he's remembered as a bigot, a homophobe, a racist, and an idiot instead of a father, a husband, a man of God, a community pillar, and a great football player.

    He was a young man, still in his 30's. He was a football player, and as Chad Pennington reminds us, football players aren't always ones to choose to say the most politically correct thing at the right time. He was also a minister for a conservative Baptist religion. What other beliefs would you expect him to have???

    It's too bad these big, brave mudslingers never had the courage to say these things to Reggie's face when he was alive, but now flourish in dancing on his grave, when it would only take a look from White's face to send them scurrying back into their ratholes.
    Have you ever seen a race of turtles, and they all go the wrong way instead of towards the finish line?

    Welcome to the NFC North.

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    Another interesting article on Reggie

    I agree. The man was well intended even though he did not have a handle on how to use his words. He just spoke from his heart. Only problm is he should have consulted a public relations advisor on how to word what he said.

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    Another interesting article on Reggie

    As long as they don't try to nominate him for sainthood, I am cool with the eulogizing that has been going on regarding Reggie...he was a great football player, a devoted man of his religion and by all accounts, a great family man...his sharing of his religious beliefs with all the world was admirable, if not totally politically correct...God bless his family...they will be the ones who suffer the greatest loss from his untimely death.

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