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[size=13pt]Wilf deals directly with legislators now in quest for new Minnesota Vikings stadium[/size]
I can imagine UffDa doing the happy dance right now.
Isn't this one of the things he was pushing for?
Looks like he was on the right track.
UffDa won't be doing the happy dance until they ditch the roof, build it in Shakopee and have video poker screens on the back of every seat. ;D

I like the way you think..
Except for the Shakopee thing.
It's right by Canterbury Park and Mystic Lake

And how many millions are you willing to spend to build the roads necessary to not make that an incredible clusterfuck every game day?


There is no more clusterfuck than they have now. Or don't you know how to drive on a 2 way street?


There is no bigger clusterfuck than there is in downtown Minneapolis where the stadium is now, not to mention the lack of tailgating spots & the fact that they are scattered everywhere with fans being "raped" for parking lot fees. Webby & co. pay $160 a week just to give us a place to tailgate.

Soldier Field is as bad if not worse.
The Old Met was 10X worse.

And almost every team charges for tailgating spots or on site parking - $40 per spot is higher than most I believe though.
Law of supply and demand.
I am not going to complain about the tailgating prices - mostly because this is the best we have had for tailgating since the old Washington Street lots were still up.
And they were still a couple of blocks away from the dome.