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    America's Game: Super Bowl Champions

    I have been watching these mini-documentaries on the Super Bowl champs on NFL Network --- the ups and down on the road to the Super Bowl, inside look on the challenges they faced with commentary from players and coaches. A few of the stories have been quite good (91' Redskins, 94' Niners I esp liked).

    Then I got stuck like a 'deer in headlights' when they showed the 96' Packers; my mind kept screaming to change the channel, but the fingers did not obey. I felt dirty for watching it and took a hour-long, scalding hot shower afterwards. Please forgive me.

    I didn't think another Super Bowl documentary could affect me like that until this Monday when I saw the Broncos: Back to Back. [Disclaimer: please exit now if you do not want to hear again about the 1998 season].

    I have heard comments in the past that the Broncos did not want to play the Vikings, but to actually see it in their eyes and hear it from their own mouths was new to me. That is probably old news to many of you, but it was the first time I saw this footage. The Broncos were just starting (or about to start) their game against the Jets. The documentary kept showing how the Broncos' players and coaches were glued to the jumbotron watching the Vikes/Falcons game instead of focusing on their game. You could see the excitement in their eyes when the Falcons took it to overtime and eventually won. Terrell Davis stated, "When we saw the Vikings lose, we felt like we had just won the Super Bowl... and we hadn't even played our game yet against the Jets!" (not exact words, but close).

    I felt like crying.

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    Re: America's Game: Super Bowl Champions

    That was a depressing day.
    But we have to put things into perspective.
    That is in the past.
    Now is our time.
    We need to look to the future.

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    Re: America's Game: Super Bowl Champions

    I just watched that as well.
    I lived out in Colorado at the time that the game was going on.
    It sucked because everyone in town wanted the vikes to loose because everyone out there wanted their death revenge on dan reeves.
    Everyone was cheering when we lost, except me.
    We would have beaten the broncos that year.
    So I agree, may be old news to others, but is definitely tough to see and hear on tv.

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    Re: America's Game: Super Bowl Champions

    I HATE that series...since the Vikings don't come out looking good...and several teams that I hate do.
    SO SCREW that series...I ALWAYS change the channel!

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    Re: America's Game: Super Bowl Champions

    Hey Denny and Red

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    Re: America's Game: Super Bowl Champions

    i'm so glad i didnt see that.. that was about the time i became a big vikings fan since i'm a youngin, so for me thats the game that still stings more than any other

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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    Re: America's Game: Super Bowl Champions

    yes that was a sad day, but nothing we can do can turn it around, all we can do now is look at our team now and stick with them and hope for the best

    Thanks josdin00

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