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Thread: amazing....

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    Re: amazing....

    "VKG4LFE" wrote:
    Is it just me or does Travis Taylor look really g@y in that picture! Not that there is anything wrong with that, just found the picture kind of funny! lol
    LMAO :lol:

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    Re: amazing....

    I absolutely love all of those pictures. It is one thing to hear news that all these kick ace players are coming on board, but seeing the players all in purple adds another dimension of excitement. My favorite is Travis Taylor, the look on his face shows how happy he is to be on a kick ace team, and he is show what we fans will doing after every game.


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    Re: amazing....

    Those pictures are awesome... and the quotes are even better...smoot said that the Purple People Eaters are back Baby!!!

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    Re: amazing....

    It's nice to see them back at it!

    It looked nice out though. It hasn't been nice in a couple weeks. Pics must be a few weeks old.

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    Re: amazing....

    "I didn't say better, I said back. I watched a lot of old film when (Alan) Page was rushing the passer, when it was the true Purple People Eaters and that's what this town loves. They love their defense and right now we're trying to get it back to where it used to be at. I'm not going to say better, I'm going to say we're going to be in the top percent, we're going to be a top five defense no doubt."

    The more I hear from Smoot, the more I love him. I can't wait for the new season.
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