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By the way Singer... looked like JT O'Sullivan beat us... jk

Don't know if you remember our JT clash... but i sure do.
I just mentioned him in the other thread. I still don't like him. Although we did make him look good out there when he wasn't on the ground.

That's just how bad our coverage was today.

I preached it before the game, saying they would attack us with short routes, primarily on Griffin's side.

The short quick passes have killed us for more years than I can remember.
Preach on brother. I remember you saying that.

When I saw him come in the game, I had to laugh. I was thinking, "What does Singer think about this?"

Thought we had a chance to win it at that point... oh well...
Any given Sunday.................

We end up beating teams we shouldn't beat & end up losing games we should win.
Very true.

Luckily my friends are Bills, Dolphins and Browns fans... so I win by default... except for the Browns today (are you kidding me... 51 points against the Bengals??!!! GO BROWNS!)

I went to college in Ohio and had to watch the Browns lose every Sunday. I still root for them... I mean, come on, they are an AFC team and the perennial underdog. Glad to see them take this one.
Woohoo, another Vikings, then Browns fan!!!

I usually set up 2 TVs in my living room to watch the Vikings and the Browns, I was always like the weeks they play at different times, like this past week, that was a hell of a game against Cinci, and a fun one to watch.
Also, it shows you how much can change from week to week, last week, Cleveland was considered the worst team in football.
With no defense, no offense, and no QB.
Maybe TJ will throw 5 TD passes against KC this week.
OK, I doubt that, but KC isnt going to be as familiar with us as Detroit was. And I'm still chalking the loss up to the fact that Detroit was due.
Also, this week, Detroit, Green Bay, and Chicago all have tough games.
If we get out of KC with a win, we'll likely hold a share of the NFC North lead, with Detroit having the obvious tiebreaker at this point.