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    Ok here's the deal- I'm already tired of the off season posts dealing with who we should get/keep so lets start a new one based on the all time Viking Players you would want to see on next years team giving the year and position.

    Here's the start of mine:
    Head Coach: Bud Grant 1975
    QB: Fran Tarkenton 1975
    RB: Chuck Foreman 1976
    WR: Moss/Carter 1998
    OL: 1969
    Defense: 1971

    So lets hear the details of the OL and defense picks.... the choice is yours

    "If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn t thinking."
    - General George Patton Jr

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    Cris Carter: 1995
    122 Receptions, 1371 Yards, 17 TD's (His best season)

    Scott Studwell: Pick any year
    He was nails!

    Randall McDaniel: All of them
    One of the greatest ever to play

    Eller, Page, Marshall, and Larson:
    One of the greatest lines ever.

    Paul Krause:
    Somebody needs to show AW some stuff.

    Tommy Kramer
    Need a tough SOB out there for these young guys.

    Nothing needs to be said here.

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    1987, Anthony Carter.. one of the 1980's best kept secrets !!!! Nobody other than Vikings and Michigan fans seem to remember him, and that's criminal.

    1989, Keith Millard... the "Gale Sayers" of defensive linmen( as I heard him being called a few years back on a sports radio program),a DT who's Hall of Fame potential career ended way too soon because of injury.

    The 1980's, Joey Browner... 'nuff said !!

    1988,Issac Holt.... a relatively unknown CB who Jerry Rice called one of the toughest men EVER to cover him.
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