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    Re: The All-Time 1960s Minnesota Vikings (Offense)

    Real Football

    The All-Time 1960s Minnesota Vikings (Defense)

    By Eric Krupka on July 7, 2006 12:24 AM

    After Monday's article naming the All-Time 1960's Minnesota Vikings
    offense, today I will tackle the task of selecting the team's All-Time
    offense of the decade.

    SS Karl Kassulke: A strong safety out of Drake, he played with the
    Vikings from 1963-1972. Sadly, a motorcycle accident ended his career in
    1973 and left him paralyzed from the neck down. From '63-'69, he
    intercepted 12 passes and started alongside Hall of Famer Paul Krause
    (joined Vikings in '68) at safety. Kassulke helped lead a dominating
    secondary that was part of the epic "Purple People Eaters" defense.

    FS Paul Krause: Although he didn't join the team until the 1968 season,
    he is arguably the greatest free safety to ever play in the NFL, and
    therefore, couldn't be left off the list. Upon joining the Vikings, he
    immediately put up tremendous numbers, becoming a force in the
    secondary. He intercepted seven passes in '68 and followed that up with
    five, including one for a touchdown in the Super Bowl loss season of
    '69. Krause's name will surely show up again when talking about the
    1970s Vikings defenses. In any event, the legend deserves some credit,
    even if he joined the Vikings in the latter part of the decade. He was
    elected to the Hall of Fame in 1998.

    CB Earsell Mackbee: A Utah State product, he played with the Vikings
    from 1965-1969, earning his stripes as a lockdown corner. From '66-'69,
    he picked off 15 passes, returning one for a touchdown. Sadly, one of
    his most memorable moments came in the 1970 Super Bowl, when he failed
    to tackle Kansas City Chiefs receiver Otis Taylor on a flat pass,
    resulting in a long touchdown that propelled the AFL upstarts to a
    blowout victory over the Vikings. Nonetheless, he was an excellent
    corner, one of the best in team history.

    CB Ed Sharockman: A sure tackler who was always around the ball,
    Sharockman started alongside Mackabee at cornerback, completing a
    tremendous starting quartet in the Vikings' secondary. An original
    member of the Vikings franchise, he played from 1961-1972, accumulating
    an impressive 40 interceptions, 27 of which were in the '60s; he also
    scored four touchdowns and recovered six fumbles. Add in teammate Bobby
    Bryant, and the Vikings' secondary from the late '60s and early '70s is
    as good as any in NFL History.

    LB Rip Hawkins: An all-around great linebacker, he played from
    1961-1965. Hawkins was one of the first great linebackers in coverage,
    intercepting five passes in '61, and totaling 12 (three for touchdowns)
    in his five-year career. Many of the older fans still remember his
    inspiring play on the field, which helped him earn a Pro Bowl bid in '63.

    LB Wally Hilgenberg:
    Much like the Vikings' current first-round pick,
    Chad Greenway, Hilgenberg attended the University of Iowa. Of course,
    Minnesota fans can only hope their new linebacker turns out as well as
    Hilgenberg, who joined the team in '68. He wasn't the biggest or fastest
    linebacker, but he played with sound fundamentals and consistency. While
    Hilgenberg's best years with the Vikings were in the '70s, he still made
    his presence felt in the '60s.

    LB Roy Winston: A Louisiana State product, he spent his entire 15-year
    career with the Vikings. From 1962-1976, Winston manned the linebacker
    position, playing alongside Hilgenberg for most of it. Although he was a
    solid contributor on all four of the Vikings' Super Bowl teams, he was
    never able to get a ring, but don't let that obscure the fact that he
    was a great linebacker, though. His contribution go largely unnoticed
    only because he was on a team full of defensive superstars.

    LB: Lonnie Warwick: A 'backer out of Tennessee Tech, he performed
    admirably in his time with the Purple and Gold. He also was starter on
    that '69 team that reached the Super Bowl, intercepting four passes that
    season (12 career). Like the others, Warwick played fundamentally sound
    football, with ideal tackling technique. He almost always rapped up and
    played the game hard, like everyone on the stellar defense he was a part of.

    DE Carl Eller:
    A first-round pick in the 1964 Draft by the Vikings, he
    played in Minnesota from 1964-1978, and was recently elected to the Hall
    of Fame (2004). A member of the "Purple People Eaters," he struck fear
    into opposing quarterbacks each and every week. At 6-6, 246 pounds,
    Eller had the speed and strength to rush the passer at will. In his
    rookie season, he recorded his first and only touchdown via fumble
    recovery. Had sacks been counted, he would surely be among the most
    prolific sack artists to ever play the game. Eller made the Pro Bowl six
    times, once in the '60s (1969). He was touted by many as the best
    defensive lineman in the game during his heyday.

    DE Jim Marshall: It's a shame that he's known by most for returning a
    fumble the wrong way against the San Francisco 49ers in 1964. One of the
    greatest defensive ends ever, he is the NFL record-holder for most
    fumble recoveries (29). He was a member of the Vikings from 1961 to
    1979, playing in a then-record 270 consecutive games at defensive end
    from '60 to '79. Unfortunately that record was recently broken by New
    York Giants punter Jeff Feagles. Marshall was also the final player from
    Minnesota's initial expansion team of '61 to retire.

    DT Gary Larsen: He joined the Vikings in 1965, teaming up with Eller and
    Marshall, and later Page, to form the "Purple People Eaters." He wasn't
    as fast as the other three, but was dominant against the run, swallowing
    up opposing ball-carriers. He was also a pivotal player because he could
    hold blockers, freeing up Page to wreak havoc on the opposition. When it
    came down to it, Larsen could still rush the passer effectively, too.
    The four make up arguably the greatest defensive line tandem in history.

    DT: Alan Page: Arguably the greatest defensive tackle that ever played,
    Page is a Vikings legend. Head coach Bud Grant had never started a
    rookie, until Page came along. The Notre Dame product was so quick that
    he often would be ready to tackle the running back before he received
    the handoff. Although it didn't happen in the '60s, it still has to be
    mentioned that he was the first defensive player to win the NFL MVP
    Award, which he did in 1971. He played with a non-stop motor which
    endeared him to so many of the Vikings' faithful, who showed up in
    Canton when the now Minnesota Supreme Court Justice was elected to the
    Hall of Fame in 1988.

    Honorable Mentions: DT Paul Dickson, DB Bobby Bryant.

    Toward the end of the '60s, all the pieces were in place for the Vikings
    to move from an expansion team to a dominant entity. With Norm Van
    Brocklin gone and Grant in at head coach, the team put the final pieces
    together in creating an intimidating and devastating defense, which
    thrived on pressure and turnovers. The "Purple People Eaters" helped
    lead the team to great heights. Unfortunately, they were never able to
    capture the elusive Super Bowl Title.

    In my next installment, I'll look at the 1970s offense.
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    Re: The All-Time 1960s Minnesota Vikings (Offense)

    First off, just wanted to agree about the first article being a great flashback to the early years of the Vikings.

    Also, I enjoyed the 1960's defense. Thought I'd bump this because I don't think many people realized the defense article was at the end of the thread.

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    Re: The All-Time 1960s Minnesota Vikings (Offense)

    god damn.........what a defense

    "We’ll win our own Super Bowl, with our own players. Real Vikings. Something Brett Favre can never be."

    - Dan Calabrese

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    Re: The All-Time 1960s Minnesota Vikings (Offense)

    "FedjeViking" wrote:
    Real Football

    The All-Time 1960s Minnesota Vikings (Defense)

    By Eric Krupka on July 7, 2006 12:24 AM
    I had that one posted also Fedje! :grin:

    The All-Time 1960s Minnesota Vikings Defense

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