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    All Members Please Re-read

    Lately there has been some confusion here at PP.O. We are having to spend a lot of time "moving" threads to the appropriate forums. If you start a thread and come back to see the word "moved" in front of the title, you messed-up. Or if your thread has mysteriously missing, it was deleted. If "Locked"...self explanatory.

    PP.O prides itelf in being a very useful forum for its members. Organization is a must. If there is a thread blasting Tice for his coaching abilty (or lack thereof), please do not start a new thread about how he should be fired; just add to the existing discussion about Tice.

    As far as which forums do threads belong in. Its very simple. Each forum has a description of what content belongs in that forum right below the title.

    For instance:

    Vikings Fan Forum
    General discussion on the Vikes

    (Discussion about the Vikes. Not Javon Walker or video games.)

    The Clubhouse
    Hang out here to talk about things other than the Vikes & football.

    (This forum is for anything other than football. No trade rumors or asking for sigs. Sig stuff goes in the Help forum.)

    Please take the time to read the forum descriptions if you are not familiar with them. Most all new threads do go into the proper forum. But, I have been noticing lately that we are starting to post in the wrong fourm. I will usually give members a friendly PM. We do not want to have to take away New Thread priviledges from anybody.

    From webby's Forum Rules:

    10. Please keep posts where they belong. If you wish to talk about politics for example, please post it in "The Clubhouse." And, of course, if you wish to talk about YOUR MINNESOTA VIKINGS, post it in the Vikings Fan forum! If an Admin or Mod find that you have posted an off topic post, it will be moved to the appropriate forum or removed.

    Also, have been seeing this get a little out of hand.

    11. Please do not post an entire article. Instead, post the first three or so sentences, and then include a link to that article. The reason is simply because of copyright issues.

    ***I know that some things are by subscription only. Disregard in those cases.

    Thank you. We try to keep PP.O a finely tuned machine for all of the members and I do look forward to reading the posts that the members have contributed.


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    Re: All Members Please Re-read

    ...and if you're here just to be a troll, post in the "Troll" forum. If you can't find the "Troll" forum, PM someone with the "Troll Marshall" sig and you'll find out what size shoe actually fits in your rear end.

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    Re: All Members Please Re-read

    Remember this thread?

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    Re: All Members Please Re-read

    Then why is this thread in the "General discussion on the Vikes" forum? :wink:

    Just Kidding Ultra!

    If you would like me to just post links on the articles, I will start doing so.

    For me, being automatically registered, all the articles pop right up without having to sign in or re-register. I have no way of knowing before hand whether others need to register or not.

    Which do you prefer I do?

    If I see a copyright notice on an article, I only post the link. Period.

    What would really help is if someone is highlighting & commenting on an article or long post, edit the "quoted" reply so only the applicable portion is quoted. Do not quote the entire article or long post. It's redundant info & a waste of space.

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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