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    Re: AlabamaViking gets the tatt!

    "josdin00" wrote:
    "AlabamaViking" wrote:
    As many of you know, I have my own website called
    Others of you know that my main online email address also has the same name to it.
    I finally took the plunge and put the Vikings into my blood, and I partially have PP.O to thank for it.
    I had wanted to get a Vikings Script "V" years ago, but never did.
    Just something simple.
    The one day I was on here and noticed BigMoInAZ's signature.
    I was hooked on it.
    It has that tribal look I like and is obviously a Vikings horn representation.
    I started working on compbing the two ideas and then in the horn I changed out the Norsemen head to my year of birth...69 and now I have my very own, basically original, design and I got it yesterday.

    Holy crap.

    Something I designed is now on someone's arm.

    That's pretty f-in' cool.

    Just so people don't have to go hunt for it, this is the sig Alabama's talking about:
    [img width=372 height=144][/img]
    Thanks man.
    I emailed BigMo and he said he would tell you about it.
    The guy who did it thought it was cool too.
    He also mentioned my copyrighting the design, but I figured since I got it basically from you that I would share it with anyone just as you have.

    Thanks for your artistic flair and for the inspiration.

    Until next time...
    Gene Ramsay
    AKA - AlabamaViking
    I'll see you on the field!
    #1 Vikings FAN in Alabama!

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    Re: AlabamaViking gets the tatt!

    That's nice, I like it.

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    Re: AlabamaViking gets the tatt!

    Im jealous!!

    I got 3 tats now.. Working on getting my 4th soon.. Im gonna have sleeves by the time i'm 21

    One Love

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