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I don't think there is any way that AP doesn't win this weeks award.....but Harvin would need a lot of help to overtake Sanchez's QB debut!
AD and Sanchez will be the winners. I also think Brees will win for air.
+1, pretty obvious choices.
I was hoping that Loadhalt would get a nomination consider our success on the ground, but I guess that would be asking for a lot.
Did we even have success running to the right side?
Don't really know, Peterson's 64yard TD was to the left. Still I think Loadhalt had a great game, I didn't notice him once which is a good thing. I saw Oher got nominated and it made me think of Loadhalt.
Saw at least one nice run to the right (remember the shoe string tackle, where Peterson just barely got tripped up?).
THe entire right side of the line was one huge opening.
He was virtually guaranteed 5 easy yards on that play, possibly more.
Luckly he made one guy miss and took it for a 15 yard gain.
If he had been 1/4 inch faster that would have been another TD.