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    After the Dust Settles - Evaluating progress

    [size=13pt]After the Dust Settles[/size]

    By Josh Fiedler

    Not to be the barer of bad news, but Sunday’s victory over the Raiders was certainly, in part anyway, a derivative of bad play by the opposition. Rarely does a team walk away victorious after committing five turnovers (while only forcing the opposition to commit two), lose the time of possession battle and go one-for-seven on third down.....

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: After the Dust Settles - Evaluating progress

    I agree that we need to see what Allison can do.
    Is he just a special teams player or can he be more?
    Is TJack the one we want for the next several years?
    We have a good set of running backs, but how long will they last with a suspect line?
    We need answers to these questions over the last weeks of the season.

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    Re: After the Dust Settles - Evaluating progress

    Very nice read thanks.

    It will be very intersting to see what a couple of players (3 years or less experience) do the rest of the year before I label them as outright busts, but they are getting close:

    These three are playing pretty good IMHO based on thier experience level.
    Edwards and Keneche are tied for 28th with total tackles in the league and Kenechi (4)/Robison(3.5 are ranked 18th and 24th in the league with sacks.

    With Erasmus finally getting a sack, I contend that it was really a coverage sack as he came all the way from his spot to the opposite side of the field to tackle Culpepper.
    One good sign with that though is he had the leg(s) to get over there in a pretty timely fashion.
    Maybe, just maybe, he is close enough to 100% to give us a consistent pass rusher we so desparately need.

    Depending on how James does the rest of the year, maybe we need to bring in a Vet RDE this year as Robison/Keneche are doing well from the LDE position.

    I have already made up my mind on this guy but thought I would still throw him in as some other might not.
    He is a blocking animal.
    He pulls very well and can get up the field to hit his intended zone and get that second level guy.
    IMHO he is the reason the OL has solidified a bit.

    His play has improved and I also saw him pull all the way over and seal the left side twice last week against the raiders.
    He is still very raw and makes some bonehead plays however, if for no other reason than he seems to be more comfortable and adjusting to the blocking schemes is directly related to his decrease in pre-snap penalties.
    Might be a good fit next year after all the reps he is getting this year.

    Probably need to look at a swing guy that can play T and C as backup to Birk and our two tackles either through the draft of a aging Vet we can land on the cheap side.

    Sure they look confused on the deep ball, just as they look confused on the slant, but I have seen them make some pretty good plays as well.
    Again more seasoning/reps will help here IMHO.
    We still might want to draft a stud CB if one comes available in the draft, but we do have guys like Gordon on the roster who seem to be coming around as well.

    e. QB.
    Granted, my expectations are probably a bit lower for this guys than most (I want a game manager right now) so suffice it to say, I liked what I saw out of TJ against the Raiders but his health concerns really worry me.
    I think he is still a year away from being a good manager and probably 3 years away from being a guy who can win games for us.
    I say we need to get a Vet in here for a couple of years as well as draft another developmental guy.

    Very hard to evaluate Williamson, Rice and Allison, but I believe all three, based on what I saw this year, can be effective if not better than average recievers in this league.
    I wouldn't hesitate to shitcann Williamson if someone like Fitz could be brought in.

    Long story short, even if these guys come through for us and become studs at thier positions we still need to look for depth/future players in those areas I mentioned but I believe we are a few players from being a good/great team than the other option the writer offered.

    Many many thanks to my talented friend Jos for the new Sig.

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