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    Adrian Peterson's Vikings...Playoffs?

    [size=13pt]Adrian Peterson's Vikings...Playoffs?[/size]

    November 8, 2007

    by Jordan McAbee (Contributor)

    Each NFL team has completed at least half of their games for the season and the burning question is starting to gain interest: who will get into the playoffs? As of now, there aren't many teams that don't have a chance to get in. A sleeper I'd bet on? The Vikings....

    "If at first you don't succeed, parachuting is not for you"

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    Re: Adrian Peterson's Vikings...Playoffs?

    If the Vikings would miraculously make it into the playoffs they would have a chance.
    That would mean they came on strong in the second half of the season, when it matters.
    A strong running game with a very servicable defense is a good combination.
    Things will look good in '08, especially since the Vikings have been slowly building a real team the past couple years while the naysayers are mindlessly sniffing the diatribe oozing from the pens of media hacks.
    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please. Mark Twain

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    Re: Adrian Peterson's Vikings...Playoffs?

    Let's just beat the Packers first and then proceed to take one game at a time.

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    Re: Adrian Peterson's Vikings...Playoffs?

    Wow that guy predicted a strong finish for us and a 10-6 record. Right now we need to beat the Pack and get that momentum rolling. The team is starting to play better and if we can get someone to distinguish themselve at QB we'd make a good push the second half of the season.
    First tho' let's go to Lamblow and take one from the fudgers.

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    Re: Adrian Peterson's Vikings...Playoffs?

    10-6 is highly unlikely. If Vikings do get in, it'll be 9-7 or what not. Wow, I thought play-offs were done for?

    But I guess you have to ask yourself if Childress and co. really wants to push for a spot when there is no shot of winning it all?
    Because I'm a Vikings fan, they are that much sexier.

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    Re: Adrian Peterson's Vikings...Playoffs?

    Playoffs...? Playoffs?! Who's talking about playoffs?

    The only thing the Vikings should be worried about right now is Green Bay. We fans can speculate, which we do well, but for now it is still just time-killing banter. Especially in the NFC, anything can happen. We're only halfway there.

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    Re: Adrian Peterson's Vikings...Playoffs?

    In the playoffs, u must be able to run the ball. That gives us a good chance if we do get in the playoffs, because we can do that "ALL DAY". I really just wanna focus on the Packers this week. I want AD to run for 350 yards and 4tds at Lamblow Field. God I hate the Pack!!! >

    ALL DAY!!!

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    Re: Adrian Peterson's Vikings...Playoffs?

    Right now, after a win, people are thinking playoffs. But with the next loss (i just pray its not against the fudgepackers) we will once again realize how mant problems we have. And Im betting Childress will want TJ back in, which is a sure way to lose
    games. I just dont think 1 man, no matter how good he is, can run us into the playoffs.

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    Re: Adrian Peterson's Vikings...Playoffs?

    OK.....It is possible looking at what is left. The Teams that worry me the most are the Giants at NY and The Redskins. Both teams are playing pretty good. Oakland we should beat. The Packers and Lions are divisional rivals and I expect we will give them both all they can handle and more. Denver doesn't worry me either. That's another game we should win.

    The problem is we have really dug an early hole, and now have to win some BIG games On The Road, which is always much harder to do.

    I am going to say we finish 8 and 8 and out of contention this year. (Sorry to be pesimistic) Just trying to keep things real.


    Where is Frostbite Falls Minnesota?

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    Re: Adrian Peterson's Vikings...Playoffs?

    Would everyone just calm down already?
    It's just ONE game!
    Sweet zombie Jesus!

    We can start THINKING about the possibility of the playoffs if we string together a few more wins (or get to .500).
    For now, the team (and its fans) should be thinking week by week.

    "This is my timey-wimey detector. It goes ding when there's stuff."

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