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Adrian Peterson, in my opinion, is the best pure runningback in today's NFL.

He has the best combination of speed and power. He has amazing vision and instinct. He plays hard all the time (his nickname is "All Day"). Adrian Peterson has almost inhuman stamina, strength, agility, and quickness, but can he be an even better runningback?

Yes, he can!

Here's the areas which I think AD can improve on:

pass protection

route running

pass catching

EDIT: ball security

Here's a suitable link to an article posted on Scout.com: http://min.scout.com/2/762501.html

If Peterson improves on these three areas, I will officially announce him as the best overall runningback in the NFL, even better than the "perfect" LaDanian Tomlinson.
You also want to add "blocking" to that list.

With him needing improvement in those categories (in some a lot of improvement) what qualifies him as the best RB? Aren't there, like LT, others out there doing all those things?
I think "pass protection" goes under the category "blocking", don't you think?

Anyways, there are many runningbacks in the NFL today that do all the previously mentioned things better. LaDanian Tomlinson and Brian Westbrook are just a few. But nobody is a better runningback than AD when it comes to the actual RUNNNING part (running with the ball out of the backfield) which is by far the most important part. You know, it's called RUNNINGback for a reason
I can't agree with you.
There are many diversities to being a RB.
Part of their job is to block, catch out fo the backfield as well as pick up defensive blitzes.
AP is a great straight up runner.
At this time in his career he hasn't proven he is the best.
LT, Westbrook, Turner are pretty damned good too and they all block and catch better out of the backfield than does AP.
As a Viking fan I would like to agree with you but as a football fan I cannot.

Hopefully as time goes by AD improves in those areas. As it is now, he is not the best all around RB. Not yet anyways.
I think he can learn.
He seems like an intelligent kid.
Buit I think everyone thinks he is so great becasue of the games he had as a rookie.
He is a good RB.
He is well respected around the league.
However, it is the diverse areas of a running back in which he needs to improve.
That and holding onto the football would help too.