oh please.
if you recall correctly they were still trying to run with 9 minutes left in the game down by 2 tds.
we severely over rate ourselves on defense and as usual the same problems persist despite everyone saying the problems were tavaris jackson.
we are in year 3 of childress and surprisingly enough, we lost a game that looked very similar to most of the games we lose.
we have to ask ourselves a truthful question.
are we gettin better?
we have different players on both sides of the ball, yet we cant pass and we cant stop the pass.
what else has to happen for us to get better? look at fisher with at best a mediocre team, they are fucking 4-0.
been to the playoffs, and are probably on their way again.
everyone talked shit about jackson and how he will never be this, and we are never gonna go anywhere.
like i said, we can not over come a coach who blows.