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    The Adrian Peterson Bandwagon

    [size=13pt]Sept. 10: The Peterson Bandwagon[/size]

    Posted at: 09/10/2007 02:10:59 PM

    While attending a mini-camp practice following the NFL draft last spring watching the first round draft choice explode with a burst of speed down the field Vikings owner Zygi Wilf, looking like a proud new father, asked me the rhetorical question, "Dean, don’t you wish we would have drafted Adrian Peterson when you were coaching the running backs?"....

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    Re: The Adrian Peterson Bandwagon

    Great article, thanks again Singer. Adrian's play will elevate all around him, few have the power and speed that's gonna make those reebok #28 jersey's start flying off the shelves, cause a new star is busting out in Minnesota.

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    Re: The Adrian Peterson Bandwagon

    Nice article, like the fact that he's not considered a finished player yet. He still has a lot to learn and I just hope that we can continue to improve him. There is a great deal of potential there that has still to be found -
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