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    Re: Addressing our Problems

    "ADubya26" wrote:
    There are a few things I can think of

    1.) We need to Fire Tice and get a real coach. He makes horrible decisions, does not know how to challenge a play, and just looks like a little kid on the sidelines. Who puts the ball in their receiver's hands with 2 minutes left in the game when you are on the 20 yard line going in for the win that saves your season? Plain horrible call.

    2.) New coordinators. Linehan is underachieving and Cotrell is not doing very much. Our defense looks worse than last year's. I mean does Cotrell tell them not to play the first half, and then finally play in the second half? Vikings fans just have to love it when you tune into ESPN and you hear them asking if Minny's defense even exists.

    3.) Never though I would say this one, but Culpepper might need to go - even though that will never happen. He just has such a mental block that I cannot understand...he gets too flustered and either plays stupidly or too conservatively most of the time. Granted, he was in the zone in the beginning of the season, but with our team I really think that should be the norm. I mean look at what Jeff George did with our team in 98..and what Gus did when Culp was hurt last year. I wonder how we would do with a pocket QB with better decision making skills?

    We have some issues on our team, and I really hope they are addressed because I am getting sick of the letdown every season. Sorry for the ranting guys and gals...but tell me what you think.
    Point #1. Agreed. Tice needs to be fired at the end of the season. It won't happen though unless we get a new owner. Tice is a cheap paycheck which Red loves.

    Point #2. Agreed. All the coaches need to go. of course, that won't happen unless we get a new owner cause Red loves a cheap paycheck.

    Point #3. Disagree. This loss was not Culpeppers fault. He had a pretty good game in fact. It was the lousy play calling that lost it for us. We start out running the ball and Smith is picking up chunks at a time. So, what do we do? Yes, we abandon the run and go pass. But the fact is, our defense cannot stop anyone. Every QB looks like Joe Montana when they play us. For the Vikings to advance to the next level, the defense must become respectable.

    Culpepper is having an all-pro season and has limited his fumbles to an acceptable level. Playing behind a patched line, and without Moss, Kleinsasser, Smith for 4 games, Bennett for four games, Moore for four games, i would say its a pretty fantastic performance.

    Merry Christmas wish......
    Red sells the team in January, new owner actually spends money on a new head coach with atual NFL head coaching experience.


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    Addressing our Problems

    good lord. That is just ridiculous. Whoever starts the Pep thread next time gets flogged. Only a complete rube would ever demand the removal of am elite QB.

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    Addressing our Problems

    Yes, Culp is an elite QB, but I wonder how another QB would do in the same offense thats all. Its hard to tell how good a QB is because we dont get to see the receivers downfield on our TV screens. However, they did show it a few times today and one time he completely screwed up a throw to a wide open Moss and the other time he was wide open and Culpepper ran it. He did have a good game as far as the stat sheet goes, but who knows how many opportunities he missed that we didnt see. Was he being too cautious and trying not to throw any picks? I just want players who dont care about stats and looking good, I just want players who want to win. I love Culpepper, just these thought cross my mind.

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