I thought it only fitting that I would be putting up a Chuck Foreman autographed lithograph on my own personal wall (ring) of honor.
I had this Foreman litho in a temporary location as I put together the rest of my plan for the Vikings room down here.
Well this week I three more lithographs from the same series.
They are 16x20 so I figure they are big enough to put up on the front wall of the room behind the TV they can be seen from the seats where you watch the games from.
I got a Eller, Marshall, and Page to complete the set.
I thought it was fitting to put Chuck up on the wall the same day that he will be put up on the "Ring of Honor".

Go Vikes tomorrow!

Unfortunately the entire family (and that includes me) will be at the amusement park tomorrow getting one more time out of our season passes before the park closes for the year.
So that means that I will have to watch it on TiVo probably after 7pm tomorrow night.
No listening to the radio in the car, and I wont be answering my phone either.