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    Adam Schein article from

    This was a list of eight things that went wrong, in his opinion, in the NFL so far this year. I won't bore youse guys with all of them. Just the important ones. You can catch the whole article at:


    Not everything has gone as planned thus far

    Adam Schein / Special to

    It's been a wonderful, wild and wacky September in the NFL.

    Here's a look at eight things that went wrong in the first month of the 2005 campaign — the horrible, the bad, the ugly ... and Mike Sherman — and where it's headed the rest of the way.

    4. Mike Tice
    Why wasn't Mewelde Moore used more in earlier games? Why does he hang his quarterback out to dry after five picks against Cincinnati? Why did it take three games for the defense to be aggressive? Why were the Vikings committing so many penalties and seemingly ill-prepared against Tampa Bay? Why so many questions when it comes to a Mike Tice-coached football team? Look — I still think Minnesota can win the NFC North by simply winning their divisional games. But this year has got to have you thinking 2005's the final season for Tice in Minnesota.

    7. The Green Bay Packers
    Years of neglecting the overall talent pool for the Packers has officially, and predictably, caught up to Mike Sherman, Ted Thompson and the Packers. The defense is horrible. The running game is halted after the team made no effort in the off-season to resign Mike Wahle and Marco Rivera. Brett Favre is trying too hard to over-compensate for these deficiencies, tossing seven picks in three games. Even playing in one of the worst divisions in the NFL, where the only playoff bound team might win only eight or nine games, the Packers are done.


    Whadya think? For what it's worth....
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    Re: Adam Schein article from

    They both sound right to me.

    I get the most pissed off looks from people with my VKG 4 LFE Wisconsin license plate, and I LOVE IT!!

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    Re: Adam Schein article from

    Atleast we get some attention for Mike Tice being an idiot!

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    Re: Adam Schein article from

    The answers to the Vikes questions:

    1) Tice had mega man love for Bennett, but wised up when his job was poss. on the line

    2) Tice was trying (hoping) CPep would work his way of the funk he was in.

    3) Cottrell. Didn't blitz as he was getting no pressure from his front line, finally last week had to take a chance.

    4) Cause they were unprepared against Tampa and also new parts of "O" and "D" gelling causing penalties.

    5) Cause they are inconsistent. Look great at times and horrible at others.

    --- Possible Tice's last year, we will not know till it's over. I stand by my previous prediction a month or so ago, Tice has to go 10-6 or better to keep his job.

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    Re: Adam Schein article from

    I think he's right on both accounts, although I hope the Vikes get over 9 wins...but we'll see.

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    Re: Adam Schein article from

    If the Packers can't win one of their next two games over the Panthers or Saints they probably won't see a win for a long time their next games are Vikings, Bengals, Steelers, Falcons, Vikings, and Eagles and I don't see them winning even one of those.
    Minnesota Vikings : Simply the best

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