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So now moving them down, and making a wise decision with the ball whch results in points by a FG kicker are bad as well? WOW.

How about the last minute drives were he moved the ball down the field and then with seconds left turned it over to the kicker to either tie or win it? I suppose those are bad as well.

Comeon Steve, the kid is asked to be a game manager and don't make mistakes, but when he needs to play QB he has shown instances when he can.

Is he shaky at times? Sure, anyone who doesn't expect that out of him is really really asking alot.
Making a wise decision? Marty, it's not a wise decision to have to kick a 50+ yard FG, it's what we are forced to do when the drive stalls & Ponder can't get us in position to score a TD. The goal is to score TD's, not have your QB just get you into FG range, unless it's intentional at the end of a half or a game.