Visa USA and the NFL will introduce Phoenix high school students to “Financial Football,” an interactive game designed to help students learn important money management skills. Minnesota Vikings rookie RB Adrian Peterson and Arizona Cardinals WR Larry Fitzgerald will participate. 12:30 PM;

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Visa USA, the NFL, and its players have partnered up to engage high school students in a different kind of football game—one that prepares them to become fiscally fit adults. "Financial Football" is an engaging, educational video game that teaches students about personal finance using curriculum from Practical Money Skills for Life, Visa's free, award-winning money management program.

"Financial Football" is fast-paced and fun, but instead of using a game controller to gain yardage and score, players must answer personal finance questions correctly to advance down the field. "Financial Football" is available for free and can be downloaded for playing on computers and cell phones.

See this is proof that other people read PPO and they want to start a conspiracy theory ;D