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    AD: A pain for defenses

    [size=13pt]Adrian Peterson is a pain for defenses[/size]

    Dennis Dillon

    When you ask coordinators or players about defending Adrian Peterson, they break into footballspeak. They throw out terms such as eight men in the box, gap control and gang tackling. It's easy to talk the talk but difficult to walk the walk.

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    Re: AD: A pain for defenses

    Well the Niners, Bears and Redskins took care of AP. Sorry, I absolutely LOVE AP, and don't get me wrong, this post is intended to say that we need to do something here. But those last four games, defenses did stack the box successfully against us and it worked. Sorry. And Chilly and his buddies from U-Wisconny had no answer for it. They only threw the screen to get AP in space late in the 3rd quearter in the Redskins game.

    If I were a defensive coordinator against us, I might be a bit confident, in that defenses did stack the box against us, and it worked.

    On the other hand, I do like Berrian and I do think he can bring those safeties out of that box. And that is why he got paid. The main reason we signed Berrian is to draw double covers and bring the safety out of the box to open lanes for AP.

    I am convinced that AP is the most devastating runner in the NFL, but he does need lanes to run in.

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