Great analysis on both sides.

What I think we can all agree on is that an effective pass rush from the DE will make everyone look a bit better.
Cut a second or two off the QB's time in pocket is a second or 2 the CB's, S's, and LB's don't have to cover.
A DE that might occupy a TE or a RB is one less receiver and one less blocker to double team KWill and Phat Pat.

Everyone has HIGH hopes on Allen, as do I.

The one thing I am NOT confident about is Shiancoe being
If it was poor route running, timing with the QB, or adjusting to the zone blocking system, I might say he will be "OK".
But he wasn't effective and his drops were inexcusable.
Vikes gave him good money ($8 mill signing bonus) for a backup that only had 35 receptions in 4 years with NY.
Vikes just got rid of Mr. Oops Dropsee, we don't need another.
I think TE is the "weakest link" on offense, more than Cook or TJ.
Shiancoe has alot to prove.