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Thread: Aaron Hosack

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    Re: Aaron Hosack

    "VKG4LFE" wrote:
    There is no way that Hosack will make the team, maybe the practice squad, but that's it! He was very inconsistent at the U, and there is no way he has the same type of speed that Moss, Campbell and Burleson have. I'm not trying to play a race card or anything, but he's white!! The thing he does have however is the size and the hops!! I hope I am completely wrong and he makes the team and plays well for us, I'll gladly eat my words!!
    Remember that the Gophers had more rushing yards than any college team in the country last year... They really didn't pass the ball very often because their running game was so efficient. So Hosack really didn't get a chance to show his real potential. While his speed is not even in the same league as Moss or Campbell, he does have that same intangible ability as Moss to outjump DB's and come down with the football. Remember Chris Chambers never had spectacular stats at Wisconsin because they were handing the ball to Ron Dayne and Michael Bennett most of the time. Hosack could wind up being a very successful 3rd receiver for the Vikings if given the chance. Perhaps not this year, maybe even send him to Europe to mature for a year or two, but the potential is definitely there.

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    Aaron Hosack

    Chris "white-boy" Walsh one of my favorite Viking receivers... so granted that many of very talented football players are of color... but there are some great ones that aren't

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    Aaron Hosack

    ESPN has him Listed at 6'5" SI has him listed at 6'3"
    and a 40 time of 4.72, has him at 6'6", another site had him at 6'4.5" with a 4.58 40

    Just by the tape he has potential

    he's been pick up by a team with some depth so he'll have a hard time making this team. Maybe another team will pick him up

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