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Thread: 911

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    Re: 911

    I'd try to find a sports bar/pub where other Viking fans go every Sunday.
    Good way to meet other Purple Jesus faithful...
    "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing."
    Edmund Burke

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    Re: 911

    or you could go to Hooters, eat some wings and razz the other fans there.
    (unless the vikes are losing, then you might have to resort to your mama jokes)

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    Re: 911

    "gabe_menendez" wrote:
    Ok I am in California and a Vikings fan...The only games we get are the 49ers and raiders. Last year I had direct tv and sunday ticket so
    I could watch my team, but then my dad switched from direct tv to uverse at@t (basically comcast). So how do I watch the vikings if I cant get the games, yeah ill get prime time games but that is not enough, I need to see every game. So what do people suggest on how I can get the games. I prefer not the radio or reading the play by play stats, been there done that. I want to watch the games....switching back to direct tv is not an option so my dad says. So what is a California Viking fan to do in this situation? The season is coming up quick!
    talk to a friend who has direct tv and pay half.

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    Re: 911

    I tried all the streaming sites online for a full season and wasn;t able to get one damn game.
    I would suggest a local Vikings Fan Club bar... they are in most towns... I found one here in NC.

    Either that, or quit living under the oppressive rule of a father who obviously doesn't have his priorities straight if he dropped NFL Sunday Ticket.
    OK, j/k I'm sure your dad is great.

    You can also sign up through to get the gamecast that will stream the radio broadcast of the game.
    It's not the greatest, but it got me through a couple of hard weeks there when I couldn't get the game on TV anywhere.

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