gagarr wrote:
The best way to stop it from becoming a shootout is to control the tempo and be effective at running the ball. AD had 122yds 4.9 avg against them, might be because they were going whole hog at Favre every play. But that doesn't say the Vikes can't control the tempo and keep the NO offense off the field.

I'm not a TJ fan, but I also haven't seen him in awhile. He could suprise us the next time we do. He also brings a dimension Favre doesn't in running the ball. With the blitzes they sent at Favre TJ could gain some serious yds.
Excellent post my friend, on all points....

AD all day with a bit of TJ to Shanc/El Syd/PH/BB. Who the hell needs the Noodle?

Surely not the Vikings.