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Thread: 4 Daunte

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    Re: 4 Daunte

    Jeremy and Mensa Tice

    I think you both need to take a step back and cool down, or you both could be banned! I would not blame the Mods for either of you getting the boot after those last few threads and links!
    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    Del Rio Guest

    Re: 4 Daunte

    I would imagine that calling someone that is a no no Mensa. I assure you it did not go unoticed. If you have problems with him in the future PM myself or Ultra. We are trying not to go on a one strike and your out. It all adds up though.

    And to the newb who was upset he can't post the word gay, so he purposely bypassed the filter......that is a no no.

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    Re: 4 Daunte

    "MensaTice" wrote:
    Hey mods. I would have to assume calling someone a kunt is grounds for banning, no? I wouldn't mind seeing Jeremy kept around because of the hilarity of his poor arguments but how is this acceptable on this site? This is the same kid that ripped others for flaming him after his idiotic Brad Johnson thread that had no less than 20 grammatical errors and mispellings.
    Just to add to what Del said, Mensa you kind of asked for a response from him did you not? Jeremy made his statement about Pep > Cook and you lured him right in with your statement.

    Yes, he should not link people to images of profanity and he may lack maturity, but if you are going to call somebody out do not call on us to ban the guy. I read every thread so I know when to can somebody. And if there is any doubt I just leave it to webby "da Tahoe" guy.

    There are ways in which to tear a member a new anus, but it has to be done with intelligence, not pictures of buddy christ called people a c_nt.

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    Re: 4 Daunte

    :lol: That is hilarious... great vid whoever made it...

    However, I will take Pepper over Fiedler/Ferotte/Feeley/Rosenfels/RayLucas/Griese any day of the week...

    Oh, and over Ryan Cook too... :wink:

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    Re: 4 Daunte

    luvin it like mcdonalds

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