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Thread: 3-4 Defense

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    3-4 Defense

    I don't see us swtiching to a 3-4. Kevin Williams would not be able to play in the middle of a 3-4, he's too small, and would move to end. Udeze would probably be undersized as an end, and we invested a first round pick in him, so I don't see us just throwing him on the bench and scrambling to get a bigger end and a nose tackle to play the middle.

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    3-4 Defense

    I know there are a few die-hard 3-4 fans out there, but the likelyhood of us switching to an entirely new scheme is pretty far fetched.

    Of course, I also believed we'd never trade Moss for anything less than a 1st and multiple starters or at least a starter, a 1st, and a couple 2nds.


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    3-4 Defense

    I think its best to stay with the 4-3 cuz we don't need to confuse all the young players on are defense anymore.

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