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Thread: 2014 Draft

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    2014 Draft

    Lots of talk about Vikes trading down. Just to get things started: Here's the NFL Draft Pick Value Chart…Walters Football Site: NFL Draft Value Chart

    Here's the Draft Order… 2014 NFL draft order - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN

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    as i said before this is a deep draft..meaning you can find ur guy or a guy that fits in the top 32 just look at the big board ...teams wont give their second round pick up to move up ...spielman said he is trying to load up with the right free agents so draft day he wont be forced to draft for need..signing cassel we wont push a qb up where he doesnt belong .. QB ,RDE, NT AND CB ARE NOT A PRESSING NEED...YES WE NEED A QB AND CB HELP BUT NOT WITH 8TH PICK ...we still need LB help and an up grade at OG AND CB ...A QB WILL BE TAKEN WITH ONE OF OUR TOP 3 PICKS ...A NEW HEAD COACH HAS A GREAT DRAFT CLASS ..ZIM CAN PUT HIS STAMP ON THIS TEAM EARLY AND DRAFT HIS TYPE OF BALL PLAYERS ...FAMOUS QUOTE BY MIKE DITKA WHEN ASKED HOW DID HE GET SUCH A NASTY BUNCH OF GUYS ON HIS 85 DEFENCE ...HE SAID YOU DRAFT THEM

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    If you can get a can't pass up type player and at a position of need, you have to take him. If you can get say Mack, Barr, Mosley, or even Justin Gilbert at #8 and you know they will all be gone later in the round, you absolutely have to take him. That could be the difference of having a dominating player for many years or having to reach the next year to just fill ten spot.


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