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    I hope it wasn't my wrestling joke...wasn't supposed to be too mean spirited.

    I just thought tasty waves came in off the bench and put all three of us speculators in the know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kevoncox View Post
    I think I'm leaving the site for good. Everyone have a great season.
    Don't do it my friend. Too many have left already. Doesn't matter who's right or wrong. Healthy debate is good for the site. We can't all be yes men !
    You bring up a lot of interesting points here. I think there are many who would miss your input whether they agree or not ; I know I would. Stick around. Debate makes the site better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple Floyd View Post
    Well, you got schooled and now you are taking your toys and going home. Great.
    Kevon did not post a serious contract. How was he schooled? Both Kevon and Tastywaves made valid points.

    On a side note, I am seeing some personal attacks in this thread, and that is not good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by idahovikefan7 View Post
    Why couldn't he get better? Because he's 31??? Look what Ray Lewis accomplished at the LB position.
    It's possible, and Ray Lewis is the exception, although he did miss 4 games in 2011 and 10 games in 2012.
    Guys over 30 are not getting big money in free agency. Because of his current contract I don't think Allen would take less the 10-12million a year for 3 addition years.
    Dwight Freeny 33, got a two year deal worth 8million.
    Brian Urlacher, 35, got so little interest he retired.
    Antoine Winfield, 35, 1 year 3million a year.
    Charles Woodson, 36, 1 year deal worth 4.3million.
    Osi Umenyiora, 31, 2 years 8.55million
    Nnamdi Asomugha 32, 1 year 3million

    Unless Allen has a near record breaking year, he's not going to be getting 10 million a year in free agency next year, and the Vikings will have a good shot to resign him for less money than it would cost right now, and on our terms.

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