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    Quote Originally Posted by Purple Floyd View Post
    I want them to win and dominate as much as anyone but there is no way we sniff 8 wins unless there are some serious QB injuries in our division.

    The Pack,Lions and Bears all have more talent than we will have and the top end in the division is probably 2-6 which is a two game bump from this year. That would mean we need to go 7-1 out of the division to get to nine.
    Realistically we are looking at a top end of 6-10 if we get a favorable draw out of the division.
    We do not play 8 games in the division ... only 6. But I agree ... best scenario is 2-4 in the division.

    I think that the rest of our schedule has some winnable games. At home we have Tampa Bay, Jacksonville, Tennesse and Arizona. All of those are winnable ... though, obviously, I don't think we will win all of those.

    On the road ... damn near nothing is winnable because we suck on the road. But we always win in Washington and the games in Indy and St. Louis are in Domes against subpar competition. So there are at least a few more winnable games.

    I personally think that we end up 6-10, with 8-8 being the best case scenario. But it would not be shocking to see the Vikes win @Wash, @Indy, @St.L, v. Chi, v. Ariz, v. T.B., v. Jax and v. Tenn. to get to 8 wins. I don't *think* we win all three of those road games mentioned or all five of those home games mentioned. But, it would not be a total shock to win those game.

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    I do expect some improvement in record in 2012, simply from the scales balancing out somewhat. I'll say 6 wins +/- 2. But this will not be a disappointment to me. 2012 is not going to be a winning year regardless of what we do. One year's worth of drafts and Free Agency can't correct all of the problems we need to address, and our division is still the toughest in the league.

    I view 2012 as a transitional year, and I hope that management is realistic and will work with eyes toward the future, instead of trying to win right now. We can't do enough to become a contender yet, but what we can do is position ourselves for a real run in 2013-14.

    With no high hopes, there can't be much in the way of disappointment for me, either. I'll simply be watching for signs that we're moving in the right direction in terms of pride and discipline, things which were sorely lacking in 2011 (with a very few exceptions such as Harvin and Allen).

    One of those guys with pride is Peterson. If anyone can come back from his injury in time to make a real contribution next season, it's him. He may not be all of what he used to be, at least not right away, but even an AD at 75% is better than most of the rest of the league at 100%.

    All in all, I think that improvement is needed first and foremost in attitude. If we see that, and work to address our most glaring needs in personnel, then we should be poised to make a dramatic move starting the following year.

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    I think we finally become a pass first team in 2012. Ponder will have a very good year, as will Harvin, Gerhart and especially Rudolph(pro-bowl).
    Ponder will cement himself as our QB of the future.
    Peterson will have a disappointing season.
    Kalil will improve the offensive line immediately, and our 2nd round pick will likely be a big outside receiver who will contribute modestly his rookie year.
    The defense will continue to struggle, and not improve even with a couple big free agent signing. Allen will get more double teams and see his sack total fall.
    In the end the division proves too tough and we finish 5-11.

    The Vikings finally get there stadium, in Arden Hills. The deal is struck when Wilf agrees to kick in an extra 100million for the worlds largest HD TV to be hung from the ceiling Jerry Jones style.
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    I have to agree with MossMems here, what the hell have some of you seen that makes you think we can even come close to .500? That's not optimism, that's delusional.

    3-5 wins = realistic
    6-7 wins = optimistic
    8+ wins = delusional

    We just went 3-13 and didn't change 1 damn thing other than promoting all the inexperienced clowns that brought us to 3-13. This franchise is a mess from top to bottom. We'll be without AP, we still have a huge question at QB, Frazier is still our HC, and have you seen the other 3 teams in our division?

    Statistically we just had 1 of the worst pass defenses in NFL history, including a 9 game (NFL record) stretch where we had no interceptions and opposing QB's had a combined 132.1 rating (196-267, 2409 yds, 25 td, and 0 int). Did we change the scheme? No! Instead we hire the DB coach from Indy. Yeah the Indy team that just went 2-14, had the 2nd worst opposing QB rating in the league, and tied us for the fewest int's with 8. Most teams pillage playoff teams, we pillage the bottom feeders, go with unprovens, and wonder why we fail every year. The Giants just showed us in the playoffs the blueprint on how to slow down pass happy offenses, but we're more than content about sticking with this record inept painfully passive "bend n break, let em catch it, try to tackle, and get no turnovers" philosophy.

    And sure, we lost a few close games, but it's not like we dominated in our 3 wins. After Arizona spotted us 28 points with their turnover happy 1st quarter they outscored us 10-6 in the final 3 quarters. If Carolina doesn't miss a chip shot FG we more than likely lose that game in OT. Our only impressive win was at Washington and we only won by 7. Although we tried our darndest to blow a 14 point lead with 1:30 to go in that one too. So yeah if a few more things have gone our way we could have won 6 games, but we were that close to going 0-16 too.

    Mr Anderson just posted one of the most realistic posts I've ever read on this forum. How can you be a Vikings fan and not be jaded? What have the Vikings ever done to make you even the slightest bit optimistic? How can you be that optimistic about this team and not be painfully disappointed year after year? Especially this off season. I've been watching the Vikings since 1984 and I've never had lower expectations for them going into a season than I do for 2012.

    At this point all I care about is improving and being competitive but I see no evidence that we'll be either in 2012. I'll hold off on the optimism until after free agency, the draft, and this stadium issue are all over because given our history, I have absolutely no confidence and no reason to believe this team won't find a way to screw all those up too.

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