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Thread: 2011 Draft

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    Re: 2011 Draft

    ThorSPL wrote:
    QB: I think the top draft priority is QB unless we sign McNabb, which I am more convinced we will TRY to do rather than what we SHOULD do.... But I think we spend a high pick on QB.

    DT: I think we like our depth at DT and will stick with what we have unless somebody falls to us in a big way. I believe we view the DE position the same way.

    DE: See above; I think Griffin was drafted to replace Ray if he leaves. Ray isn't having a career year to get paid yet, so that helps, too.

    WR: We will have about $25 million in salary freed up between #4 and #87 (yes, I think Berrian is gone and Favre retires). I think Moss and Rice are probably both going to cost 7-9 mil/year and we may just go for that. If they get along well, they may even take a bit less to both be here; stranger things have happened.

    LB: I'm not totally sure what Greenway and Leber will command salary wise; neither has a probowl and that MAY save us some cash. I think we pay for Chad and offer Leber about what he's making now... but Greenway will cost us.

    OL: I think we'll draft some developmental players. Not saying we SHOULDN'T draft high, but I don't see it happening.
    Did you by chance see McNabb play today? I would rather take my chances with Webb or try to get Sage back.

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    Re: 2011 Draft

    This season is a forgettable one. Favre should hang it up and call it a career. Sidney Rice should not even make an attempt to come back this season. Give T-Jack the keys for the rest of the season. Finish up strong and go 8-8. Get a top 15 pick, and draft a QB for the future. Fire Childress now, get rid of the staff. Resign Sidney, give Peterson an contract extension, resign Leber and Greenway... Then reduce the money Jared Allen is getting. He is obviously not deserving that cash this year. Also, he should divorce his wife, and grow back his mullet.

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    Re: 2011 Draft

    What does everyone think of Ricky Stanzi? The way he has been playing he could be in the mix in round one (especially with how poor Locker has played this year against good teams). The guy has an NFL body, good arm, and has won a lot of games at Iowa.

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