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    2009 NFC Wild Card Preview

    [size=12pt]2009 NFC Wild Card Preview[/size]

    by Aaron Schatz

    There's lots of nuggets in there. Look down a bit for the Phi@Min preview.

    Just took out one good paragraph to give you an idea of what to expect:

    Game charting showed a huge difference between Minnesota cornerbacks Antoine Winfield and Cedric Griffin. The charting numbers show Winfield with 5.5 yards allowed per pass and a 67 percent Success Rate, second among cornerbacks with at least 40 charted passes. (Who's first? Look down a few paragraphs.) Griffin has 9.0 yards allowed per pass and a 44 percent Success Rate, both among the worst numbers for starting cornerbacks. If you prefer league PBP to game charting, I can tell you that Winfield had 56 pass tackles and a 45 percent Stop Rate on those tackles, the best Stop Rate of any cornerback if we include only pass tackles and not passes defensed. Griffin had 57 pass tackles but a Stop Rate of only 21 percent on those tackles. The result could be a huge game for Kevin Curtis, who will likely be covered by Griffin on the left while Winfield has DeSean Jackson over on the right

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    Re: 2009 NFC Wild Card Preview

    very intrestign read, but
    stil soem questionables nuymbers from previous games cant accoutn for.
    ray edwards injurie

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