Obviously this is from a fantasy perspective. I understand the difference between the two. If the Vikings have a TD drive where Berrian converts a couple 3rd and 6's...finishes with 50 yards and no scores on 4 catches...it might be fine and dandy from a team perspective. But it does jack for anyone's fantasy team. I just think BB is in the same vein as TW. Same goal...BB just executes a bit better. Has better hands. It's mostly a lateral move though, and it's just not the style of player that would be ideal for the Vikings.

I'm not evaluating the team, I'm evaluating the fantasy impact of the players on the team. Right now, I have Berrian as my 33rd ranked WR and Rice at 44. That might lead to more wins for the Vikings than last year, but it is hardly an upgrade from last season for fantasy owners out there. You might take Berrian or Rice as backups or spot-starters, but no matter how many games the Vikes win, it doesn't automatically mean BB or Rice will be helping fantasy teams at all.

As for AP doing better splitting carries...not sure what proof you have to support that. I can tell you that when AP got 19 or more carries in a game, he averaged 134 yards and 5.9 yards per carry. When he was 15 or under, he averaged 57 yards and 4.7 per carry. Dude's got to touch the ball 20 times a game. As long as he finishes the season under 370, he'll be alright. If I were the coach, I'd make sure he stayed under 330...just to be safe.

And I'm neither a Vikings fan nor an AP "fan." I like AP as a football player...I think he's got a chance to be the best RB in the league for a number of seasons. I almost put him ahead of LT this year, but I chickened out. It still wouldn't surprise me to see him have the most fantasy points.

Sorry to upset anyone...and again, this is a fantasy football article. It does skew value.