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Thread: 2005 Schedule

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    2005 Schedule

    "PurpleRide" wrote:
    not till after the draft? How long have you been watching football?

    Don't get on someone, if you don't know the facts. The schedule will be announced before the draft.

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    Re: 2005 Schedule


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    Re: 2005 Schedule

    With the new divisional set up there is little difference based on last years record between the Packers and Vikes. It used to be the division winning Packers would have a tougher schedule. The only games different are:
    Vikings: Rams and Giants
    PAckers: Seahawks and Eagles

    There is some variation as to who is home and away for some opponents but very similar. Rams and Seahawks are about the same but the Packers will likely lose to the Eagles and the Vikes should beat the Giants.

    On paper, the Vikes have a one game advantage over the Packers.

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    Re: 2005 Schedule

    [size=18px]Important Dates[/size]

    April 15 Restricted free agency ends

    April 23-24 NFL draft in New York

    May 24-25 Spring meeting in Washington, D.C.

    Aug. 6 Preseason begins

    Aug. 7 Hall of Fame enshrinement

    Aug. 8 Hall of Fame game

    Sept. 8 Regular season begins

    Jan. 7 Playoffs begin

    Feb. 5 Super Bowl XL

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