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    2005 FREE AGENCY

    Here are the Free Agent Corners for 2005:

    Kevin Thomas RFA Bills
    Earthwind Moreland RFA Patriots
    Terrell Buckley UFA Jets
    Jimmy Wyrick UFA Dolphins
    Calvin Carlyle ERFA Ravens
    Zach Norton ERFA Ravens
    Gary Baxter UFA Ravens
    Dale Carter UFA Ravens
    Deion Sanders UFA Ravens
    Raymond Walls UFA Ravens
    Rashad Bauman RFA Bengals
    Reggie Myles RFA Bengals
    Christian Morton ERFA Browns
    Anthony Henry UFA Browns
    Lewis Sanders UFA Browns
    Vontez Duff ERFA Steelers
    Willie Williams UFA Steelers
    Demarcus Faggins RFA Texans
    Jason Bell UFA Texans
    Jason Simmons UFA Texans
    Kenny Wright UFA Texans
    Joseph Jefferson RFA Colts
    Donald Strickland RFA Colts
    Nick Harper UFA Colts
    Kiwaukee Thomas UFA Jaguars
    Charles Woodson UFA Raiders
    Todd McMillon UFA Bears
    Andre Goodman RFA Lions
    Chris Cash RFA Lions
    Danion Sidney UFA Lions
    Jason Horton UFA Packers
    Rhett Nelson RFA Vikings
    Derek Ross RFA Vikings
    Brian Williams RFA Vikings
    Dwight Anderson ERFA Rams
    Renaldo Hill UFA Cardinals
    Michael Stone UFA Cardinals
    Robert Tate UFA Cardinals
    Kris Richard RFA Seahawks
    Ken Lucas UFA Seahawks
    Jimmy Williams RFA 49ers
    Aaron Beasley UFA Falcons
    Kevin Mathis UFA Falcons
    Allen Rossum UFA Falcons
    William Hampton UFA Panthers
    Dante Wesley UFA Panthers
    Jason Craft UFA Saints
    Ronyell Whitaker ERFA Buccaneers
    Corey Ivy UFA Buccaneers
    Lance Frazier ERFA Cowboys
    Lenny Williams ERFA Cowboys
    Pete Hunter RFA Cowboys
    Tyrone Williams UFA Cowboys
    Frank Walker ERFA Giants
    Roderick Hood ERFA Eagles
    Fred Smoot RFA Redskins

    Should we pursue one of these guys or draft another CB?


    Pat Williams UFA Bills
    Ethan Kelley ERFA Patriots
    Josh Evans UFA Jets
    Jason Ferguson UFA Jets
    Alan Harper UFA Jets
    James Reed UFA Jets
    Dario Romero RFA Dolphins
    Matt Zielinski RFA Ravens
    Terrance Martin ERFA Bengals
    Tony Williams UFA Bengals
    Nick Eason ERFA Browns
    Grant Bowman ERFA Steelers
    Kendrick Clancy UFA Steelers
    Junior Ioane UFA Texans
    Seth Payne UFA Texans
    Dorsett Davis RFA Broncos
    Luther Ellis UFA Broncos
    Monsanto Pope UFA Broncos
    Montique Sharpe ERFA Chiefs
    Jacques Cesaire ERFA Chargers
    Dequnicy Scott RFA Chargers
    Eric Downing RFA Chargers
    Shaun Rogers UFA Lions
    Marcus Bell UFA Lions
    Kelvin Pritchett UFA Lions
    Cullen Jenkins UFA Packers
    Chris Hovan UFA Vikings
    Ross Kolodziej RFA Cardinals
    Rocky Bernard RFA Seahawks
    Tony Brown ERFA 49ers
    Jordan Carstens ERFA Panthers
    Howard Green ERFA Saints
    Jon Bradley ERFA Buccaneers
    Chartric Darby UFA Buccaneers
    Jermaine Brooks ERFA Cowboys
    Kendrick Allen ERFA Giants
    Lance Legree UFA Giants
    Corey Simon UFA Eagles
    Joe Salave'a UFA Redskins

    What about here?

    Will Demps Ravens is pretty good isnt he?

    Linebacker: Adalius Thomas, and I think Peter Boulware, Kendrell Bell and probably some more I dont kown about

    Who and what position should we get through free agency, and what through the draft?

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    2005 FREE AGENCY

    Terrell Buckley??? He's still in the NFL? WTF??? Hows his grandkids these days? Are they in college yet?

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    2005 FREE AGENCY

    I would like to see a vetren linebacker join us. Peter Boulware would be a nice fit.

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    2005 FREE AGENCY

    Peter isn't going anywhere I don't think. Will Demps is decent, getting Smoot would be awesome but he is restricted and the Skins will sign him back. Guys like Renaldo Hill aren't bad either, just not really specacular, they would be good for depth.

    Shaun Rogers is becoming one of the better DTs in the game, and would be an awesome pickup, but e isn't going anywhere. Some goes for Corey Simon.

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    2005 FREE AGENCY

    Seeing as how the Vikes are a gazillion dollars under the gap, get crazy and sign charles woodson!

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    2005 FREE AGENCY

    We wouldn't get Woodson. I think Oakland will franchise him again. He won't be going anywhere soon.

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    2005 FREE AGENCY

    MMMM, Shaun Rogers would be awesome but they will proly franchise tag him, Gary Baxter or Fred Smoot would be nice pic ups.

    You should get the list for safties bro, i think there are some decent ones. Adrian Wilson from the cardinals is a FA i believe, hes 6' 3" 222, has good size and is an all around saftey.

    We do have money to spend so theres no reason not to pic up a couple top notch vets to boost the defense.

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    2005 FREE AGENCY


    I like Faggins with the Texans.

    I think the biggest thing is the Coaches pull of a player to the team. It is hard for a player to want to play for a D that is know for being inconsistant (last 10 years or so).

    Like we got Winfield, he knew Cotrell.

    We just need a piece to the puzzle that will fit.


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    2005 FREE AGENCY

    lol you guys can have nick harper fromt he colts...he cant be any worse then what the vikes have righ
    proud fan of the SB XLI champions.

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    2005 FREE AGENCY

    Isnt Faggins the onw that was toasted by our very own Marcus Robinson, hhhmmm must have had an off day.

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