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Thread: 2005 draft

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    2005 draft

    "ltrey33" wrote:
    Just from that list on the first page it looks like a very good defensive draft with a lot of DEs and LBs....could be a good thing for the Vikes who are in desperate need of some more good linebackers.
    {begin quote}
    From: John Clayton article

    Wild Card: Vikings at Packers
    It's an NFL North battle as ...

    Can the linebackers make enough plays?
    Everyone knows the Vikings' defense is a weakness. And an area that appeared to be a strength at the beginning of the season has become a problem. It's the linebackers. Dontarrious Thomas and E.J. Henderson dominated the preseason with their speed and agility. However, they have killed them at times this season with their inconsistency in lining up properly and getting out of position on cutback plays. The loss to the Giants symbolized what was wrong with this linebacking crew. The Giants thrive on the cutback runs and their offensive linemen seemed to constantly catch the Vikings linebackers out of position. Henderson and Thomas are major-league talents. They have speed and ability to take control of games. But the Vikings have consistently shown that their defense makes mistakes early in games and forces the offense to play from behind. Coach Mike Tice and defensive coordinator Ted Cottrell have juggled the lineup. Henderson is too talented to be benched, but the Vikings have tried different combinations at Thomas' spot. Chris Claiborne has done a solid job on the strong side. He's a free agent after the season, and it's debatable whether or not they will re-sign him. With Henderson and Thomas, the Vikings have some of the best young linebackers in the division. But there are growing pains. Henderson and Thomas have their biggest problems on running plays. If they can solve them in the playoffs, then good things will happen. If not, it could be a problem during the playoffs.

    John Clayton is a senior writer for {end quote}

    We don't really need more LBs, we just need to get the ones that we have to play up to their potential. The place that we don't have enough talent is in the secondary...other than Winfield, we could stand to get upgrades at the other three spots...the pass defense is where we are really hurting!

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    2005 draft

    "VikesFan111" wrote:
    I forgot about Rogers! We need to draft secondary this year. #2 and #3 corners and some new safeties. Maybe, just maybe put B Will at safety. I dunno?

    Yeah rogers is a stud. I do think he is far behind rolle. He is the 2nd best CB in the draft IMO.

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