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Thread: 2002 O Line

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    2002 O Line

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    2002 O Line

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    2002 O Line

    and our 2003 line is even better! :

    In 2002 the Vikings offensive line paved the way for the Vikings rushing attack to rank
    #1 in the NFL for the 1st time in team history, Michael Bennett to rank 3rd in the NFC in rushing with
    1,296 yards and Moe Williams to rank tied for 3rd in the NFC with 11 rushing TDs. Bryant McKinnie was
    the 2002 #7 overall selection and Outland Trophy winner who joined the Vikings regular O-line starters and
    earned his 1st start at LT vs. Green Bay (11/17). Veteran Everett Lindsay has started an NFL game at every Oline
    position and has been a starter at LT and RG on the 2002 season. The Vikings broke the team records
    for rushing TDs with 26 (old record 22 in 1988), for rushing yards with 2,507 (old record 2,279 in 1965)
    and for team rushing average by rushing for 5.1 yards per carry (old record 5.0 in 2000). Dixon and
    Liwienski each started their NFL careers on the practice squad. Dixon started his 100th career game at New
    Orleans (12/15/02). Birk has now started 48 straight games at center and earning berths in the 2001 and 2002
    Pro Bowls after never playing the position before joining the Vikings.

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