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    Re: 1rst round picks

    Keep in mind that this team is still recovering from the Tice/Cotrell era.
    Lots of our players had less than a great year last year and not necessarily their fault.


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    Re: 1rst round picks

    I have always thought that EJ should be better than he has been so far in his short career.
    Last year I was starting to think that a lot of the D's fault for being out of place was the coachs. So far this coaching stafff seems to have their stuff together and should be putting EJ into position to become this stud he is supposed to be.

    I understand your point of drafting a back up and I am not totally sold on Taylor either. I just read an article in another thread about how he has only carried the ball more than 20 times in 8 games of his entire NFL career.
    That is very very scary to me.
    Plus with the talent that was in the last years draft at RB it would have been amazing to get our hands on one of those guys.

    All I can do is go back to trusting the coaching staff and trust they are getting paid the big bucks because they know or see a lot more than we do in the players!

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    Re: 1rst round picks

    Competition also makes everyone better. Maybe the addition of Greenway is the reason that EJ is playing better. Granted, it would be nice if everyone came out of college playing up to there potential, but it just doesn't happen that way most of the time. I for one think the Vikes knew what they had in EJ and still opted to go for Chad. ie Tank and Smith

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    Re: 1rst round picks

    Regardless on how EJ is playing, we needed depth at the LB position anyways.. Drafting Greenway was a great decision.. We needed fast LB's that can get to the ball.. Greenway is all that plus some.. It is nice to see EJ playing well.. I also believe that his struggles in recent years is also the fault of the coaches.. If a coach doesn't use you to your potential, then you can't play to your potential..

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    Re: 1rst round picks

    shouldnt piss you off, if you think about it, it was a really good move.

    they bring in greenway, henderson see's his job slipping away, he steps it up in a big way, and now we have a guy that looks like he can really play.
    bringing in competition is always good, now look at it this way also.
    Henderson & Greenway both play really well and one winds up starting at Mike, now we have two good LB's instead of one.

    i dont see a problem with either one.
    plus they are also fooling around w/ a situational 4-4-3 lineup, so both will be in in certain circumstances.
    also what if one gets hurt? now we have more depth at the position rather then just thomas.

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    - Dan Calabrese

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    Re: 1rst round picks

    You don't draft for the present unless you're a top 5 pick. Drafting Greenway was a good move, and having another LB playing well will only improve the team. Now, when the next LB leaves (I'm guessing Napo), we'll have a replacement.

    Plus, there is a virtual guarantee that some LB will get hurt at some point this year for some lenght of time this year or the next, and now we have some depth.

    Thanks PPE for the sig.

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    Re: 1rst round picks

    You can't complain about depth.
    To go off of what "thevikingfan" was saying...
    We probably could have still added depth to the linebacking position in a later round and picked up a more useful 1st rounder...

    But with that said, I don't regret the Greenway pick, I'm sure he'll work out nicely for us in the future and possibly even this season yet.... who knows.
    I'm looking forward to watching him play on the field tonight.
    Lets see what this kids got!

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    Re: 1rst round picks

    Thats another thing u talk about
    possibly moving greenway to another lb position but that wont work
    first of all he cant be moved to the strong side because its been made very clear that that is ben lebers job hes never played mike lb b4 so the only logical choice would be to keep him were he is now.It would be all good if we could move ej to mike wich he has played b4 but coach childress has stated that E.J will not be moved from the will spot because childress doesnt think his skills would suit him at another position

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    Re: 1rst round picks

    ok maybe it's just be being stupid, but who exactly is going to push napoleon for the job at mike? i agree greenway should be a will, but i really think EJ was making strides at the very end of last year at mike
    Mike Tyson~ "My main objective is to be professional but to kill him."

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    Re: 1rst round picks

    In my eyes, a linebacking corps that features a revitalized E.J Henderson and a promising Chad Greenway is a good thing. I still have doubts as to whether or not Napoleon Harris will be a bust of Herschelian proportions, but a man can pray.

    I have faith in the front office until something on the field proves me wrong. I'm looking forward to tonight, and the rebirth of the dominance that is the Purple People Eaters.

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