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    Quote Originally Posted by singersp View Post
    You don't have to. VFW picked it for you.
    My bad, here is a band aid.

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    For those who want to get your heart ripped out again and again and again:

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    Quote Originally Posted by VikesfaninWis View Post
    Why in the hell did I do this to myself? Ok, I set the DVR to record the 1998 NFC Championship Game between the Vikings and Falcons at the Metrodome. I recorded it initially to just watch a classic game with some of my all time favorite players, to see the old uni's again, and basically to just watch a classic game.

    I had no idea that I was just reliving a damn nightmare. Where do I begin? How about the fumble on the exchange from Christy to Cunningham when the Vikings were driving? How about being up by 7 points late in the 4th quarter with Gary Anderson coming on to kick a FG to put us up by 10 and he hasn't missed a FG in 2 years, and he misses the damn thing? How about on 2 different occasions after Anderson missed where Robert Griffith should have had a INT to put the game away? Or how about on one pass in the endzone, Cunningham lead Moss just a little to much and Randy got the tips of his fingers on the ball just to drop it when we all seen him make those plays routinely? Or how about on the same drive where Anderson missed the FG, if Moss would have been 3 feet to his left, they have a 60+ yard TD to put the game away?

    I swear, I support the most cursed sports franchise in the history of sports. I was still shaking my head 14 years later saying how in the hell did they lose this game? The Falcons were not a better team than the Vikings, and they were playing in the hostile Metrodome. Again, how in the hell did the Vikings lose that game? All I can come up with is that the NFL Gods for whatever reason do not want the Vikings winning the SB. Which brings me to the 2009 NFC Championship game where the Saints cheated, and the officials allowed them to. The Saints were not better than the Vikings in 2009, and didn't deserve to be in the SB, much less win the damn thing.

    Anyone else feel this way, that the Vikings are the most cursed team in the history of the NFL? All I can hope for is that once they get into their new stadium, that it is like a clean slate for them, a new beginning, and win the SB. I hope they do it before then, but how fitting would it be for them to win the SB in the very first year in the new stadium? Man, I hope they win a SB in my lifetime. I don't want my son in 34 years to be saying the same thing to his son.
    We are close! The Bills have a say in it, as do the Browns, and Bengals. All have had opportunites and have had them snatched away leaving a bitter taste in their mouths. Denver was that way also 0-4 in Super bowls before going on that two year stint of dominating the NFL, so teams can change.

    And I am not so upset about the '98 championship, you have to remember we were pretty banged up after the Falcons game. Robert Smith would not have been able to play in the SB nor would have two of our starting LBers and I believe a CB. So we would have defintiely been the underdog playing the Broncos.

    If you really want to talk aobut being cursed you have to go back to the '87 season. I believe the Vikes were the best eam in the league. We would hav ehad the best record in the league if it hadn't been for the strike. Minnesota didn't plan for the strike and fielded the worst scab team and we went 0-3. While Washington went 3-0, thus giving them home field advantage. Had we had home field advantage I believe we would have beat the Redakins and pounded and inferior Broncos team just like the Redskins. That is the NFCCG that really bugs me to this day.
    And the stupid play calling you have the best WR in the game in Anthony Carter who can catch everything. and you throw a ball to a RB AND ON THE ONE YARD LINE, EVEN IF HE CATCHES THE MORON WAS SHORT OF THE GOAL LINE IDIOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There s only two things stopping you - fear and common sense!! The Truth you CAN"T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!!!!!!

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    The 1998 game is not hard for me to watch, I taped the game and have watched it a few times since it happened. It really is unbelievable how everything went wrong. Everything went Atlanta's way, hollywood style. Most people like to blame Anderson for his miss, but it's not like it was a Norwood type situation. We still had a 7 point lead with 2 min to go. Griffiths dropped INT's haunt my memories more. He dropped them both on Atlanta's final game tying drive.

    The first occurred at 1:55:00 in Dibbzz video above. The ball might have be slightly deflected by the WR but it looked like he got both hands on the ball. Unfortunately there were no replays. And at the 1:57:30 mark, he dropped a tipped pass in the EZ. He got both arms under the ball, but it slipped through. You could argue if Fuller hadn't tipped the ball in the first place, Rudd has an easy pick, but Fuller tipped it up over Rudd and into Griffiths hands. So in my mind, Griffith and the defense have always been more of a goat than Anderson for not being able to stop a nobody like Chris F'ing Chandler with a trip to the super bowl on the line. We have a history of making less than mediocre QB's look like Joe Montana. *bleep*ing zone defense.

    Quote Originally Posted by tarkenton10 View Post
    If you really want to talk aobut being cursed you have to go back to the '87 season. I believe the Vikes were the best eam in the league. We would hav ehad the best record in the league if it hadn't been for the strike. Minnesota didn't plan for the strike and fielded the worst scab team and we went 0-3. While Washington went 3-0, thus giving them home field advantage.
    It's hard to say how teams would have done if their regulars had played the 3 scab games, but the Vikings had 3 very winnable games during the strike.

    wk 3 at Chiefs - game was canceled, and not including scab games the Chiefs finished 4-8
    wk 4 vs Packers - regulars finished 3-8-1
    wk 5 at Bears - regulars finished 9-3
    wk 6 at Bucs - regulars finished 2-10

    As you said, our scabs went 0-3 in that stretch, so we probably go 11-5 if the strike doesn't happen. It's hard to predict how the other teams would have done had their starters played out the season, but if you remove the scab games, the Vikings end up 8-4 and still end up with the 5th seed (only 5 teams made the playoffs back then). In fact without the scab games the NFC playoff picture ends up exactly the same. The 49ers are #1 at 10-2 (own tie breaker vs Saints), Bears are #2 at 9-3, Skins are #3 at 8-4, Saints #4 at 10-2, and Vikings are #5 at 8-4. So we still play the wildcard game at the Superdome and then travel to San Fran if we win.

    As to your other theory about us beating the Skins if the NFCCG is played at the dome, again it's hard to say, but it would have been preferable. Although, we played the Skins at the dome in the final regular season game that season and lost 27-24 in OT. But I agree with you, WTF did we throw it to Nelson?!

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