"PAvikesfan" wrote:
"VKG4LFE" wrote:
"cajunvike" wrote:
"chennegar" wrote:
I think we should start bombarding Mr. Taylor's houses with propaganda asking for him to step up and buy them.
Or bombard Red's house with garbage and rotten eggs to convince him to sell the team because none of the fans like him. :twisted:

I like both ideas, but I would rather do cajun's idea!! Cajun, how much jail time would that cost us?
especially since the plan was written down on PP.org... hahaha. you'd still be able to vote cause vandelism is rather minor offense.
I hadn't thought of it at first, but if they really wanted to be A$$holes, they might be able to press some trumped-up conspiracy charges because we are pseudo-planning in...I doubt it, but again, I am not a criminal law expert.