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    Re: In 1998-2004 Was it Possible For a MN QB to Fail?

    good point ultra

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    Re: In 1998-2004 Was it Possible For a MN QB to Fail?

    "Jeremy" wrote:
    Maybe he measures sucess by just collecting a paycheck from a team?

    You left out Rodney Peete! Not that those other guys weren't enough to prove a point.
    Actually I stopped, was taken too long and I think that my point was proven.

    If the paycheck was the true measure...Scott Mitchell was the most successful.

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    Re: In 1998-2004 Was it Possible For a MN QB to Fail?

    "ultravikingfan" wrote:
    "fromos" wrote:
    "Jeremy" wrote:
    The Viking backups success is hardly unique. Take a look at the QB ratings of the following backups, with the starter in parentheses:

    Steve Young (Montana) 108.9
    Steve Bono (Montana) 88.5
    Jeff Kemp (Montana) 85.7
    Scott Mitchell (Marino) 91.4
    Craig Erickson (Marino) 86.3
    Elvis Grbac (Young) 87.9
    Jeff Garcia (Young) 89.9
    Frank Reich (Kelly) 102.3
    Jim Sorgi (Manning) 99.1
    Matt Cassel (Brady) 89.4
    Marc Bulger (Warner) 101.5
    Trent Green (Warner) 101.8
    Bernie Kosar (Aikman) 92.7
    Rodney Peete (Aikman) 102.5
    Jason Garrett (Aikman) 83.3
    Billy Volek (McNair) 87.4
    All these backups went on to succeed at other teams. All our backups (except Johnson, but he was before this time period) went on to fail miserably. It was only a couple of years ago Frerotte, fress from being 2-0 as a starter, failed in Miami.
    They did?

    Steve Bono
    Had one decent year then fizzled.
    Super Bowl wins: 0

    Jeff Kemp
    Super Bowl wins: 0

    Scott Mitchell
    Overpaid. Had 2 good seasons, then fizzled.
    Super Bowl wins: 0

    Craig Erickson
    How could he go on to be successful on another team when he last team was the Dolphins and he retired befroe Marino?
    Super Bowl wins: 0

    Elvis Grbac
    Was decent for a few years.
    Super Bowl wins: 0

    Jeff Garcia
    Flat out sucked for the Browns and the Lions.
    Super Bowl wins: 0

    Frank Reich
    Where's the success?
    Super Bowl wins: 0

    Jim Sorgi
    Successful on another team? Look at the link.
    Super Bowl wins: 0

    Matt Cassel
    Super Bowl wins: 0

    I think you get the picture here. None of these guys (except Young)went on to be successful at all.

    How do you measure success?
    In daylights? In sunsets?
    In midnights? In cups of coffee?
    In inches? In miles?
    In laughter? In strife?
    In five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes,
    how do you measure success in a life?


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    Re: In 1998-2004 Was it Possible For a MN QB to Fail?

    you can't with guys like moss,carter,burleson,wiggins. the vikes have always been a good passing team. the reason we went down hill was when robert smith retired. it wasnt the qb's

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    Re: In 1998-2004 Was it Possible For a MN QB to Fail?

    The mark of a great system is making sure EVERYONE can succeed in it. In a perfect world, you should be able to plug in talented players and let the system complete them.

    Hopefully we'll get back to that starting this year and finally bring home that elusive trophy!

    "No Greater Friend . . . No Worse Enemy. U.S. MARINES"

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    Re: In 1998-2004 Was it Possible For a MN QB to Fail?

    "fromos" wrote:
    Taking a look at our history, in 1998 we drafted Moss and instantly we had Carter (a 7x Pro Bowl receiver) and Moss (who is currently a 5x Pro Bowl receiver).

    Cunningham took over after Johnson was injured in 1998, this was after he was widely believed to be washed up. With those two receivers on board Cunningham had best passer rating in the league (106.0), the second-most TD passes (34), the fifth-most passing yards (3,704), and was awarded NFL's MVP.

    In 1999 Johnson was sent to Washington in favor of Cunningham starting in MN, but Cunningham was struggling so they put one of the league's worst QBs Jeff George in who had the best season of his career. George had 23 touchdowns, 8.6 yards per attempt, a 94.2 rating and led the Viking to the playoffs. Cunningham tried Dallas in 2000 and Baltimore in 2001 but was sent packing each time.

    While Johnson had a great season in 1999 and went to the Pro Bowl, his 2000 season wasn't so hot so they put George in there (mostly because of his great 1999 season with the Vikes). George had the worst stats in the entire league and was benched in the 2nd game after going 0-2 embarrassingly. George never played in another NFL game again.

    Culpepper took over in 2000 and we all know the story - look what happened when Moss left.

    Edit: When Bouman took over after Culpepper was injured in a 2001 game against the Tennessee Titans, Bouman completed 21 of 31 passes for 384 yards and four touchdowns and was named NFC Offensive Player of the Week.

    Edit: When culpepper was out for 2 games in 2003, Gus Frerotte lit it up and the vikes went 2-0. -thanks purplepride818

    My question is, with the receivers we had in those periods was it possible to have a QB who didn't have the stats Culpepper did and go to the Pro Bowl at least 3 times?
    Great post. Obvioulsy a QB can fail becuase as uyou mentioned and some points a QB failed and someone else filled in.

    We did have a great offense. It was relativly easy for a QB to do well.

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