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Thread: 12 yards

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    Re: 12 yards

    im not saying resign him to something huge just keep him around because we could use him

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    Re: 12 yards

    "enlvikeman" wrote:
    Michael Bennet is not suited for our offense at this point. He tiptoes and falls down at the slightest touch. Michael Bennet was good last week with finesse blocking. When you have guards and centers pulling to the flats and you pitch the ball to Bennet he can be we did against the lions. I didn't see that today. Meathead was running Bennet off tackle and straight up the middle. Bennet of course fumbles, because he is not a power back and is susceptible to hits. Moore or Fason (from what I've seen) would get the start if I could dictate things. I'll repeat...I just do not get this coaching staffs allegiance to Michael Bennet. But hey I'm not on the coaching staff so what do I know?
    You know more than the coaching staff, that is for certain...and I agree wholeheartedly with you that MB is not the man and that Meathead is the only one that doesn't know it yet! Too bad that Bennett doesn't come out and say that if Tice is not here next year, then he won't be either (ala Bretty Boy)! :lol:

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    Re: 12 yards

    Bennett can't be the feature back. He just doesn't have the play making ability that MeMo does.

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    Re: 12 yards

    at no point did I say that MeMo would have done better...I was questioning why no one else was even given a carry?! Obviously, MB wasnt getting it done whether it was his fault or the O lines... all I am saying is that you might have well mixed it up! at least give MeMo or C4 a couple of carries to see if they could do something. No one can say that MeMo would have been better or worse because he wasnt even given a SINGLE carry!? It goes back to my whole complaint on why doesnt the coaching staff make adjustments during the game. Regardless of how bad our O line is or how amazing their D line is why wasnt anyone else even given a chance! that's what I'm fursturated about

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    Re: 12 yards

    I still think we could have the #1 player at every position and still not go deep into the playoffs with the current coaching staff. They have proven over and over again that they lack the ability to adjust during the game.

    I did love the defensive effort yesterday though and obviously was thrilled with the special teams.

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    Re: 12 yards

    To the people trying to figure out why he was healthy enough to do punt returns but not play at running back.

    How many punts did he return? OK now if he started how many times would he have run the ball? It was ugly out there if he had a wrist injury-which he did- I am glad he wasn't the everydown back.

    He said he would have to carry the ball in his left hand.....

    Mostly and this is a big mostly: He would have sucked EVEN MORE then he already does at pass protection. Mike Bennett had 3 very good blocks in the second half 2 on blitzing LB's and one on an end.

    We knew they were going to bring the heat, we knew they had the talent to do so. You aren't going to put your gimpy HB in there that has a problem blocking when he does manage to stay healthy. Especially when you are going max protect.

    You put him in a position to help the team, and he was put into that position, and he did help the team we won.

    8+ of MB's runs were for negative yards, busted plays. This wasn't bennett getting shoe laced tackled or him getting taken down by one guy this is 2-4 defenders behind our o-line busting the play. This game is no indication of Bennetts ability to play on our team.

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    Re: 12 yards

    To be honest I feel bad for bennett. I see him on the field giving his all and playing as hard as he can. But he really just dosnt fit in with this offense. When I look around at this offense, one thing that is missing is a RB who can grind and pound the ball. Bennett in last years offense would have been fine, but this year we're not as exsplosive. I was down on bennett alot this season and still am but the guy does give a 110% out on the field.

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