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    12/13 Vikings Gameplan

    Anyone else watch that? What was up with Mike Morris attacking Cullen Loeffler?

    For those who didn't see it Mike Morris (old Vikings long snapper) was asked by Paul Allen what he thinks of Cullen Loeffler. He pretty much said he's terrible, his attitude is terrible, his technique is terrible, and if he was ever so lucky as to meet Mike, he would get the taste smacked out of his mouth. (Something like that)

    Than afterwards on the next question he said "all sarcasm aside". Was this guy really being a douche? Or is he known for being a joker? I mean that's pretty fucked up to be ripping on someone who hasn't done anything wrong..

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    Re: 12/13 Vikings Gameplan

    He is kind of a smart ass a lot...sounds like a joke riff by Morris to me, roasting another guy like him.

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    Re: 12/13 Vikings Gameplan

    Oh, ok. That makes me feel a little better about it lol.. He seemed pretty serious, and PA was kinda like "woah chill buddy".

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    Re: 12/13 Vikings Gameplan

    Yeah.. SuperStar has his moments where he sounds serious, and he rips harsh-like on some guys. It's pretty funny if you know when he's joking.
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    Re: 12/13 Vikings Gameplan

    It was definitely a joke. Mike Morris has spent a lot of time mentoring Cullen dating back to last season. They know each other well.

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